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Top 4 Coolest Retro Gaming Accessories for Game Nights and Collecting

Top 4 Cool Retro Gaming Accessories for Game Nights and Collecting

Multiplayer party games like Smash Ultimate are always a great choice for game nights or weekend gatherings, and certainly fill a great role in your game library.  There are, however, a number of extremely unique retro games, specifically those with awesome accessories, that can surprise and delight players who may have only experienced these games in the distant past or not at all.  The nostalgia these games are capable of eliciting, in addition to the novelty, can create a superior experience for your family and your guests, one that is likely unavailable at other individuals’ homes.  Whatever your favorite retro gaming console, here are some great retro gaming accessories you can use to spice up your next epic gaming session.   


SEGA Dreamcast Fishing Controller

If the SEGA Dreamcast is your retro console of choice, one of the best gaming accessories for your collection is the Fishing Controller.  This responsive and sturdy controller will have guests eagerly waiting their turn on the game, and is a great gaming accessory for family game nights and younger children.  Additionally, this retro gaming controller is surprisingly affordable, and takes advantage of the inherent competition associated with fishing that will provide extensive replay value. 



CTA Digital Wii 8-in-1 Sports Pack

Although this thirteen-year-old console may not be as classic as the NES or Genesis, the best Nintendo Wii games are sufficiently retro to harken players back to a simpler time in gaming, especially to the original Wii sports games.  The CTA 8-in-1 accessory pack breathes new life into these fundamental sports games, enabling attachments for everything from archery to canoeing.  The tactile feel and added weight of these accessories provides significantly more immersion to the Wii games that were already fun and playful, and the uniqueness of these attachments will have new players at your game night awestruck.      


NES Zapper Light Gun

One of the oldest accessories on this list, the NES Light Gun still functions as a great retro gaming accessory even for people who have never used it.  With the frenetic and complicated nature of modern first-person shooters, the classic and casual feel to games like Duck Hunt creates a relaxed gaming experience found only in a bygone era, and will provide a memorable evening of gaming for all ages.  Just make sure you not only have a working NES, but also an old CRT TV to ensure everything functions as intended. 


 Steel Battalion Controller

Built for one of the greatest retro games of all time, the Steel Battalion controller may be the most complicated and awe-inspiring game accessory every made.  Equipped with two joysticks, three pedals, and over 40 buttons, the Steel Battalion gaming experience is like no other.  The mere impressiveness of the setup, requiring an entire table to fully deploy, will have your party guests in disbelief, and the gameplay will surpass even the most epic game night ideas of your friends.  Although the limited production run of this controller makes the price fairly substantial, this Xbox classic will provide countless hours of entertainment solely by itself, making it one of the best retro gaming accessories available.       


If you are looking for a truly spectacular retro gaming setup that is unlike that of your friends, then these cool retro gaming accessories are a great find.  All of these accessories have charm and distinction, as they are rare enough to collect but practical enough to actually enjoy, and add unrivaled originality to your family game night or casual party.  Indeed, the best party games of 2019 may be quite a bit older than you would initially expect!

Last Updated on Monday, 28 January 2019 18:35
Written by Robin G.
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