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5 Reasons why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is perfect for Family Game Nights

5 Reasons why Super Smash Bros Ultimate is perfect for Family Game Nights

The latest installment in the Super Smash Bros. franchise is, arguably, one of its best, combining a myriad of features from the previous games with excellent new content.  The game can be played online, and certainly will develop a more competitive following, but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch truly shines as a multiplayer party game in casual or family-friendly settings.  With bright colors, fast-paced gameplay, and short bursts of intensity, this is a title that excels at captivating and incorporating a large number of players with minimal set up and time investment.  If you’re looking for an awesome game to entertain guests or family members of varying ages, here are five reasons why Smash Ultimate is one of the best casual party games available.


Low Barrier to Entry

Starting with the original game for the Nintendo 64, Super Smash Bros. has always been a series that utilizes simple controls and intuitive inputs.  Although countless hours of practice will still make you significantly better than your guests, Smash Ultimate enables virtually anyone to jump straight into a game with few initial instructions.  Additionally, a plethora of game-changing options introduces a great deal of chaos that creates equalizing effect.  From younger children to visiting grandparents, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a casual and straightforward addition to family game nights for all potential participants. 



Ambient Value

Not only is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate extremely fun to play, but it also encourages users to enjoy the game passively without direct interaction.  The spectator mode, for example, allows users to watch the matches of other individuals playing online, which can be used to improve skill or simply watched for entertainment.  Additionally, the incredible library of over 800 songs makes Smash Ultimate one of the best collections of video game music ever published, and can provide an excellent soundtrack to a number of different parties or social gatherings. 


Extreme Multiplayer Capability

Although Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has an awesome single-player experience that is definitely worth the time commitment, the game itself is built primarily around its multiplayer game modes.  The variety of multiplayer options makes Smash Ultimate a great game for large parties with an undetermined number of guests, as up to four people can play through the same console simultaneously.  Additionally, if you’re looking for more cooperative play, partygoers can take turns playing against other individuals online, creating an ambiance of excitement without requiring large participation.  Smash Ultimate can also be configured to accommodate up to 8 players, similar to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, although you will need a second console.


Family Friendly Design

With a focus on bright colors, playful animations, and short attention commitments, Smash Ultimate is one of the best video games for kids that the industry has to offer.  From the Nintendo Switch joy con controllers, which are designed for the smaller hands of children, to the cartoonish slapstick humor, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is lighthearted and fun.


Enormous Variety

With Smash Ultimate, the sheer volume of options keeps every fight new and exciting.  With 74 playable characters, for example, an astronomical number of different four-player scenarios can be accomplished, and almost every match presents a unique opportunity to see how characters interact.  The maps are numerous as well, each with their own challenges and mechanics, further diversifying the gameplay.  Additionally, the rules of each match can be adjusted to include items, change the win condition, or even force players onto characters they don’t normally play.  Combined, the variable elements of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate allow for an insane amount of replay value, making it a great game for families with reoccurring game nights. 


As far as party games are concerned, Smash Ultimate is another excellent to the Nintendo Switch party game library, bringing an exorbitant number of additional features to a game series that already offers strong multiplayer gameplay.  Although the game can be played competitively alongside titles such as Dragon Ball Fighterz and Tekken 7, Smash Ultimate is more a game for family game nights or casual parties, and offers intense and consistent entertainment for innumerable hours of play. 

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 January 2019 17:08
Written by Robin G.
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