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5 Reasons why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is perfect for Family Game Nights

5 Reasons why Super Smash Bros Ultimate is perfect for Family Game Nights

The latest installment in the Super Smash Bros. franchise is, arguably, one of its best, combining a myriad of features from the previous games with excellent new content.  The game can be played online, and certainly will develop a more competitive following, but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch truly shines as a multiplayer party game in casual or family-friendly settings.  With bright colors, fast-paced gameplay, and short bursts of intensity, this is a title that excels at captivating and incorporating a large number of players with minimal set up and time investment.  If you’re looking for an awesome game to entertain guests or family members of varying ages, here are five reasons why Smash Ultimate is one of the best casual party games available.


Low Barrier to Entry

Starting with the original game for the Nintendo 64, Super Smash Bros. has always been a series that utilizes simple controls and intuitive inputs.  Although countless hours of practice will still make you significantly better than your guests, Smash Ultimate enables virtually anyone to jump straight into a game with few initial instructions.  Additionally, a plethora of game-changing options introduces a great deal of chaos that creates equalizing effect.  From younger children to visiting grandparents, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a casual and straightforward addition to family game nights for all potential participants. 


Best Video Game Soundtracks Part 4: the 2010s

 Best Video Game Soundtracks Part 4- the 2010s

The most recent decade of video game music is one defined by contradictions and idiosyncrasies, where game developers, empowered by the latest technology and emboldened by the progress made in the decades before, have categorically refused to compromise on their own vision of what a game soundtrack ought to look like.  The result is a collection of soundtracks that are contemporaneous, yet completely different in their styles and content.  This also reflects the diversity in the games themselves, as the advent of steam, and the unprecedented success of games like Minecraft, made space in the industry for a flurry of independent games.  In this article, the final installment in our four-part series, we discuss the best video game soundtracks from the last eight years and observe the incredible variety of video game music that the 2010s brought to the industry. 


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