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Top 4 Smart Home Security Technologies For Keeping Your Home Safe in 2019


Top 4 Smart Home Security Technologies For Keeping Your Home Safe in 2019Improvements in technology have innumerable applications for improving quality of life, but few are as important as home security.  In an extremely short period of time, home security systems have evolved from expensive and professionally installed systems to affordable products that homeowners can install themselves.  These products range from individual pieces to complete sets, offering a variety of solutions to your idiosyncratic home security needs.  For protecting your home and monitoring your property, here are the four best smart home security systems currently available.


Samsung SmartThings Home Security Kit

For homeowners feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of products on the market, the Samsung Home Security Kit is a great place to start.  This DIY smart home security bundle comes with the fundamental pieces for protecting your home, including two door and window sensors, a motion detector, and a system hub for easy access and control.  The entirety of the system can also be accessed from any mobile device, and can be programmed to notify the homeowner via text or email of any disturbances.  Additionally, this security kit can be switched over to a monitored system that includes police dispatch and support from ADT.  Although this starter kit does not include cameras, it provides some essential functionality for home security, and is one of the best DIY home security systems for the price. 




Ring Video Doorbell

Brilliant in its simplicity, the Ring Video Doorbell is exactly what it sounds like, and is a must-have for virtually any home security system.  With this ingenious device, homeowners can see and speak to anyone at their front door from any tablet, smart phone, or computer, eliminating any risk of physical proximity and removing the unknown in the encounter with visitors.  Additionally, the ability to communicate with anyone on your property through a mobile device gives the perception that someone is occupying the home even when that may not be the case, such as during a vacation or extended trip for work.  The Ring doorbell also allows you to view your property even if the doorbell is not rang, and has a lifetime guarantee against theft.  Straightforward and hyper functional, the Ring doorbell is one of the best values available in smart home security tech. 


Blink XT Home Security Camera System

The Blink XT camera system can help protect your home by monitoring and cataloging the events that transpire around your property, allowing for both proactive and reactive actions.  Each weatherproof camera can be positioned in or around the home to record particularly problematic areas or places that have attracted trouble in the past, and, because they are wireless, have few if any restrictions in location.  The Blink XT cameras are also motion activated so that, when movement is perceived, an alert is sent to your smartphone and a short clip is recorded for your review at a later time.  Further, each camera can be purchased individually, so that a whole home system can be constructed over time with the addition of new cameras as needed.  Although these cameras are somewhat expensive, the Blink XT security system boasts thousands of five-star ratings, and is of the best smart home security camera systems available.


Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt

Functional while both home and away, the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt is strictly an improvement from a traditional deadbolt lock.  With a touchscreen number pad, the deadbolt can be activated by code, removing the need for a physical key and eliminating the risk of hiding a spare somewhere outside the house.  This makes entry not only easier for the homeowner after losing or misplacing keys, but also allows for visitors such as grandparents or babysitters to enter and exit without a key.  The Schlage deadbolt can also be activated remotely, allowing the homeowner to unlock the door for a welcomed guest or lock the door from the airport after forgetting to do so. 


These smart home security products offer a dramatic improvement for homeowners over traditional home security systems, offering reliable automation and peace of mind through remote access and manipulation.  Unlike some smart home products, the items discussed in this article are focused entirely on function and purpose, with few extraneous features or wasted resources, making them cost-effective for long term use.  Overall, these security systems and tools each serve a different niche, and can either be selected individually to address specific needs, or combined to create the ultimate DIY home security system.  In either case, these smart home innovations allow you to keep your home security personalized and particular to your needs. 


Last Updated on Monday, 06 May 2019 11:48
Written by Robin G.
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