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Most Cost Effective Portable Monitors for 2019

Most Cost Effective Portable Monitors for 2019

Whether it’s for work, gaming, or streaming on Twitch or Youtube, many of us utilize two or more monitors at home to multi-task and organize and get the most out of our media experience.  This type of set up presents some obvious difficulties, however, when working out of a local coffee shop, or gaming while on vacation.  Acquiring a portable monitor, either as a primary or secondary monitor to combine with a laptop or tablet, can create a sophisticated display situation away from home, or provide utility when you need to keep your workspace on the move.  To maximize functionality and minimize cost, here are some of the cheapest portable monitors for 2019 that still maintain high standards and quality performance. 


ASUS MB168B Portable Monitor

The ASUS portable monitor is an excellent piece of equipment, and is certainly one of the best affordable monitors that can be easily relocated.  With a respectable 15.6” display, this ultra slim and lightweight monitor is super portable while still maintaining a large and functional screen.  This portable monitor is also extremely easy to set up, relying on a single USB cord for both signal and power.  Despite being an affordable portable monitor, the ASUS monitor is fully capable of full HD displays, and comes with a dual stand/case that easily adjusts from one mode to the other.  With a great three year warranty, this portable monitor comes with the name brand recognition of ASUS, works out of the box, and provides the user with a simple and no hassle experience.  Although slightly more expensive than the other products discussed, with the ASUS monitor the price increase is, for many, worth the additional peace of mind.      



AOC Portable Monitor

In regards to the price, the AOC portable monitor is one of the cheapest portable monitors available that is still a high quality product.  Similar to the ASUS monitor, the AOC portable monitor has a 15.6” viewable display area, and connects via USB.  This portable monitor similarly comes with a display stand, and auto-rotates to display based on the orientation of the screen.  Although this monitor requires some software installation, and does not have as high quality of a case or stand as the ASUS product, the price is substantially less, and the functionality is quite similar.  Ultimately, the AOC monitor will be a great option for those focusing heavily on price. 


Portable Gaming Monitor from UPERFECT

This portable monitor is, more than the other two, specifically designed for gaming while traveling or on vacation.  Although the display is smaller than the other two monitors discussed, the quality is substantially better, offering 2K resolution to viewers.  With a higher resolution goal, this portable gaming monitor utilizes HDMI instead of USB, enabling superior quality signal and responsiveness.  Additionally, this portable gaming monitor works with a variety of gaming consoles, such as PS4 and Xbox One, allowing you to play console games with friends in a myriad of locations away from home.  Slightly cheaper than the ASUS monitor, this product is impressively affordable for its quality, and removes a number of barriers to gaming on the go. 


As technology continues to improve, the cost of products like these drops precipitously, making items like portable monitors, which would have a short time ago been prohibitively expensive, now include an affordable category for those on a budget.  Where is your favorite home away from home to set up a workspace or gaming space?  Let us know in the comments below!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 March 2019 01:25
Written by Robin G.
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