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Best Affordable Personal Laser Printers for Your Home Office

Affordable Personal Laser Printers for Your Home Office

In the not-so-distant past, laser printers were prohibitively expensive pieces of technology, reserved for large offices and corporate operations, and were not designed for personal use.  Today, however, affordable laser printers are manufactured by a number of traditional printer companies, and allow for excellent quality laser printers to be acquired at prices similar to those of inkjet printers.  With this new price point, even moderate quantities of printing for work or school are generally enough to merit buying a laser printer, which greatly increase convenience and can also save money on ink in certain situations.  For those looking for a laser printer on a budget, here are some of the best affordable laser printers available on the market.


Samsung Xpress M2020W

Fast and reliable, the Samsung Xpress is a laser printer that will streamline the printing you need done for work or school.  Specifically, this laser printer has excellent wireless functionality, allowing you to print both from a wireless computer or laptop and also from mobile devices like your phone or tablet.  This black and white laser printer produces 21 pages a minute in print volume, all with ultra-consistent, high-quality results, making the Samsung Xpress one of the best wireless laser printers for the price.



Canon imageCLASS LBP6030w

The Canon imageCLASS is a cheap laser printer that largely over-performs for its price.  As the most affordable laser printer considered in this article, it still functions incredibly well, maintaining overwhelmingly positive reviews from hundreds of users.  The imageCLASS is wireless, although not as sophisticated and accessible as the Samsung Xpress, but still extremely helpful in reducing clutter in your office and simplifying your furniture arrangement.  Additionally, the imageCLASS is compact and lightweight, making it an asset for small rooms. 


HP Laserjet Pro M148dw

Although the most expensive laser printer on this list, the Laserjet Pro from HP offers the most features out of the other products considered, and is one of the best all-in-one laser printers with a scanner available.  The M148dw can print, scan, and copy to address a myriad of home office needs, making use of an auto-document feeder and both Ethernet and wireless connections.  Additionally, the Laserjet Pro is capable of extremely fast production, printing at an impressive rate of 30 sheets a minute.  For complex home office printing needs, the Laserjet Pro is an excellent value even with a slightly higher price.


Brother Compact Laser Printer HL-L2350DW

Similar to the imageCLASS, the Brother Compact Laser Printer is a no frills affordable laser printer that fulfills its purpose well.  Receiving “Amazon’s Choice” recognition for the entire laser printer category, this laser printer offers straightforward functionality from one of the biggest names in home printers.  Additionally, although the HL-L2350DW does not have scanning or copying capabilities, it actually has faster printing than even the Laserjet Pro, printing an astounding 32 pages a minute.  This Brother laser printer is also wireless, and can easily print on both sides of a document. 


As far as making a selection between these products, it depends on your home office needs.  If scanning and copying are important, then the HP Laserjet Pro has what you need, whereas if you just need basic monochrome laser printing then the Brother printer will likely be sufficient.  Either way, any of these great laser printers will vastly outperform a regular inkjet printer, and although none will print in color, the speed, quality, and consistency make them an upgrade for those with high volume of black and white printing.

Last Updated on Sunday, 20 January 2019 23:02
Written by Eddy D.
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