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Most Affordable Laptop Stands for a Versatile Workspace

Most Affordable Laptop Stands for a Versatile Workspace

Sitting for long hours while gaming or streaming can cause neck and back strain, leading to less productivity and poor performance.  This is especially true when using laptops, which generally have smaller screens and keyboards, and force the user into awkward and stressful positions.  A laptop stand can alleviate this problem, elevating the laptop to eye level and making the keyboard more accessible.  Additionally, having a laptop stand for a bed or sofa allows hands-free streaming and browsing that avoids neck discomfort while lying down.  Laptops stands can also be used as a mobile standing desk, turning your office into a flexible workspace that improves circulation and overall health.  Complete with a reasonable price tag, these affordable laptop stands offer a myriad of benefits well worth their cost.


AmazonBasics Laptop Lift Stand

As is true of most AmazonBasics items, this laptop lift stand is an excellent value for those looking for adjustable laptop stands.  With this stand, the mounted laptop can be lifted, tilted, and turned to accommodate virtually any position required for comfort.  Further, this laptop stand is secure and robust, equipped with clamps to hold the laptop in place and a base sufficiently sturdy to hold up to 11 pounds.  Although the AmazonBasics stand does not include fans, the platform does have openings to encourage airflow, and sits up to 9 inches above the desk to ensure the vents are not blocked.  Rigid and reliable, this affordable laptop stand is all business, providing functionality without unwanted features. 



AOOU Laptop Stand

If you’re looking for a laptop stand for the couch, the AOOU laptop stand is a great pick.  With three individually adjustable joints in each leg, this stand contorts to a myriad of sitting and lying positions to maximize comfort in virtually any setting.  The AOOU laptop stand also provides a detachable mouse platform, creating space for a mouse when necessary while giving you the option to use a touch screen or tablet while lying down.  Additionally, this portable laptop stand is lightweight and mobile, making relocating around a collaborative workspace, or even your own home, convenient and hassle-free.  Admittedly, the AOOU stand is designed for smaller and light laptops and tablets, but in specializing in one functionality it has accomplished more proficiency in supporting these devices, and keeping them portable, than the other stands on this list. 


Havit Laptop Cooling Stand

For performance and serious cooling, the Havit Laptop Stand is a sleek solution to overheating problems.  Equipped with three LED fans, this laptop pad provides superior cooling than the other products on this list, and with an ultra-slim light weight design the Havit stand is perfect for gaming on a laptop while traveling.  Additionally, the fans are built to minimize noise, which decreases the disturbance caused to others in enclosed or quiet spaces, such as a train, library or dorm room.  Although not as effective for height adjustment as the other products discussed, the Havit laptop stand does have two height levels, and can be adjusted to reduce wrist discomfort while typing.


An affordable laptop stand is an accessory that has an impressive impact on your daily laptop use for a marginal cost, and a variety of options exist to address your individual needs.  Whether you’re a frequent traveler looking to set up a portable office where ever you go, or you’re just looking to make laptop use around the house more comfortable, these products can reduce stress and improve overall quality of streaming and work from a portable device. 

Last Updated on Sunday, 06 January 2019 18:58
Written by Eddy D.
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