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Best Affordable Computer Speakers for 2018

best affordable computer speakers 2018

Whether you’re looking for audio queues to get a competitive edge, or just looking to enjoy the aesthetics of a game’s music, speakers can be an important part of a gamer’s setup.  As discussed in our previous article, headphones can be a great option for those with roommates or computers in high traffic areas, but for some speakers still produce the best overall sound and immersion.  Additionally, headphones can be uncomfortable after long hours of gaming, so speakers can offer a great alternative.  If you’re looking for cheap speakers that still have great quality, these products can help you round out the 2018 shopping season as we move into the new year.


Logitech Z200

These simple and affordable speakers accomplish everything an audio load out ought to without unnecessary features.  The sound produced by the Logitech Z200 has depth and volume, and will provide excellent accompaniment to the enjoyment of a myriad of media.  The Z200 also allows you to play audio from multiple devices simultaneously, a feature that is useful for streaming and for entertaining guests.  Although the Z200 does not include a subwoofer, the hardware is capable of producing excellent bass, and has easily accessible controls.  With a range of features at a low price, these affordable computer speakers are an excellent choice.



Creative Pebble Desktop Speakers

Creative’s Pebble speakers not only produce excellent quality sound, but also have a unique design that is visually pleasing.  True to their name, the Pebble desktop speakers are spherical, instead of rectangular and elongated, and offer an organic, earthy aesthetic that pairs well with both modern and traditional décor.  With only a single USB cable, instead of a power adapter in addition to multiple audio outputs, these are great speakers for both laptops and desktops alike.  The Pebble speakers are also capable of producing excellent quality sound, designed to project audio further with an elevated build.  As far as portable speakers are concerned, these are extremely well priced.


Logitech Z313 Speaker System

Unlike the other speakers discussed, the Logitech Z313 system contains both speakers and a subwoofer to enhance your desktop audio situation.  With a 25 watt output, this speaker system is capable of producing superior base and creating amazing immersion while watching movies or playing games.  Additionally, the Z313 arrangement includes an easily accessible control pod for quick adjustments while using the speakers or headphones.  The individual pieces of the Z313 system are extremely compact, and are great speakers for small desks or work spaces that cannot accommodate more expensive and complex set ups.  For the price, the Logitech Z313 is one of the best cheap speaker options available.


The three speakers addressed in this article are excellent examples of inexpensive sound systems that do not sacrifice quality.  Each one of these options is not only extremely effective, but comes with additional functionality or design features that look great while simplifying your workspace, and represent some of the best cheap speakers available in 2018. 


Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 December 2018 01:47
Written by Robin G.
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