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Cheap and Affordable Folding Tabletop Gaming Tables in 2019

Cheap and Affordable Folding Tabletop Gaming Tables in 2019

Tabletop gaming can require significant open space, both for numerous players and game materials, and frequently existing kitchen furniture cannot accommodate these demands.  Location can also pose problems, as many homes have kitchens or dining rooms that are separate from living rooms, resulting in unwanted distance from other game night activities.  Having an affordable and reliable folding card table at your disposal can be a quick and easy solution to this problem, allowing you to rapidly transform any room into a game room.  Additionally, fold out card tables are perfect for setting up outdoor gaming spaces on patios and porches.  Here are some of the best cheap folding tables for 2019.


Flash Furniture Square Folding Table

As “Amazon’s Choice” for card table products, this folding gaming table is cheap and effective.  With a 34in x 34in gaming space, and a 220 pound weight capacity, this table easily allows for four players and most game materials.  The table is also square, allowing equal distance for each player, which is ideal for games where players operate in the same capacity such as Coup.  Although perhaps not large enough to fit sprawling game states that occur in Magic: The Gathering Commander play or complicated games of D&D, this folding gaming table is the least expensive and most straightforward on this list.


Top 3 Magic: The Gathering Cards for Standard Golgari Midrange

Top 3 Magic The Gathering Cards for Standard Golgari Midrange

Since the release of Magic: The Gathering Guilds of Ravnica, Golgari Midrange has been one of the most consistent top 8 decks.  The combination of both black and green archetypes allows Golgari access to many of the best standard cards in Magic, opening avenues for a host of removal, recursion, and game-winning plays.  One of the most powerful tools Golgari has at its disposal, however, is the ability to adapt to the meta.  Without a central combo or necessary card list, Golgari decks are free to include virtually any on-color card, in any number, to react to new decks or archetypes that suddenly become more popular. Thus, although Golgari is certainly one of the best decks in MTG standard at the moment, it can be difficult to pin down an exact deck list to analyze, so instead of focusing on the deck as a whole this article will address the most powerful and multi-purposed cards that enable this malleable midrange deck to be so destructive.  Not only will this give a more accurate picture of the host of idiosyncrasies present in the green-black archetype, but it will also serve as a better guide for preparing your midrange deck for standard after the release of Ravnica Allegiance.


Carnage Tyrant

First released in Ixalan, this monstrous dino was once relegated to the sideboard and only brought in against control decks as a way of dodging both counter magic and removal.  However, with the introduction of devastating, cost-effective removal such as Lava Coil and Assassin’s Trophy, and the need for a creature that can break board stalls, Carnage Tyrant has become extremely well situated as a main deck choice.  Additionally, because Golgari plays plenty of ramp, the relatively high converted mana cost of six is not only manageable to hit on curve, but also a spell you can reasonably resolve by turn four or five.  When building a standard deck for Ravnica Allegiance, Carnage Tyrant can certainly fulfill a similar role in any deck that runs green, which may still be Golgari, but could also be Gruul or Simic with the (re)introduction of the respective shocklands. 


4 Reasons Izzet Drakes is the Best Deck in Standard for Magic: The Gathering

4 Reasons Izzet Drakes is the Best Deck in Standard for Magic the gathering

Although The Guilds of Ravnica standard season is wrapping up, there is still more magic to be played before the release of Ravnica Allegiance, especially for MTG Arena ladder grind.  If you’re interested in learning how to win in standard for the remaining portion of the current meta, then you’ll likely want to learn Izzet Drakes.  With a combination of cheap spells, recursion, and one of the best creatures printed in years, Izzet Drakes makes a strong argument for the best deck in standard.  Here are four reasons you should be playing Arclight Phoenix in any remaining competitive, or casual, magic tournament left in the current standard meta.


Insane Threats

In a previous article at the beginning of the season, the top cards of Guilds of Ravnica were predicted to focus mostly on Golgari, which has been a strong deck and for many is still a contender for the best deck in standard.  In hindsight, however, Arclight Phoenix and Niv-Mizzet should have found their way on to that list, and this deck gets to play both.  Izzet Drakes decks tend to also run a large number of Crackling Drake, which aren’t particularly strong by themselves but synergize incredibly well with the rest of the deck, providing yet another win condition for this powerhouse deck.  With such a stacked lineup, this is definitely a standard MTG deck you should consider playing.


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