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Awesome FFTCG and Magic: The Gathering Deck Boxes Under 15 Dollars

Awesome FFTCG and Magic The Gathering Deck Boxes Under 15 Dollars

Transporting cards from home to a local game store or out of town tournament can put cards at risk of damage from a variety of sources.  Protecting those cards with a deck box is an excellent way to avoid these potential hazards; however several of these products can be prohibitively expensive for some.  Luckily, there are a number of affordable deck boxes that still maintain a high standard for quality and longevity.  Here are some great MTG and FFTCG deck boxes that are priced under 15 dollars. 


LX Deck Case

The LX Deck Case offers an effective and straightforward way of transporting and storing an individual deck.  Sturdy and reliable, this deck box is wrapped in a stitched leatherette material, and locks into place with a powerful magnetic lid.  In terms of capacity, the LX deck box can accommodate up to 80 sleeved cards, the perfect size for an MTG deck box holding 75 cards for a traditional main deck and sideboard.  Although you’ll be a tad short on space for your Battle of Wits deck, this deck box is an excellent choice for single-deck needs, and with the lowest price on this list is one of the best cheap MTG deck boxes available.



Ultra Pro Tower Deck Box  

With some added features compared to the LX deck box, the Ultra Pro Tower is a great value for the price.  Like the LX, this deck box is designed for an individual deck, however the Ultra Pro deck box can hold over 100 sleeved cards, making it an excellent MTG Commander deck box.  Additionally, the Ultra Pro has a small compartment at the base of the deck box capable of holding several dice and tokens, helping to organize and consolidate the various items required for Friday Night Magic or a tournament.  The Ultra Pro is slightly more expensive than the LX deck box and is less compact, but the increased utility offered by this deck box is definitely worth the marginal increase in price.


The Hydra Deck Box  

If you’re looking for a cheap deck box that can hold multiple decks, The Hydra offers substantial functionality for an extremely reasonable price.  With adjustable dividers and the capacity to store up to five separate decks, this deck box is sufficiently versatile for virtually any CCG, including Pokemon, Yugioh, and FFTCG.  This deck box can also be put to use in storing and organizing other card games, making it a great Cards Against Humanity deck box as well.  The Hydra is not as portable as the other deck boxes discussed, and lacks the rigidity and sturdiness of a hard shell like the Ultra Pro Tower, however the available space makes the Hydra an excellent choice for certain needs. 


Caseling Card Game Case

Specifically designed for easy transportation, the Caseling deck box is more lightweight and portable than the other boxes considered in this article.  With a zippered latch, wrist strap, and soft interior, this case excels in accessibility and travel.  Similar to the Hydra, the Caseling holds up to 630 individual cards, allowing you to store multiple decks and making for a great FFTCG deck box.  This deck box is the most expensive product discussed, however the Caseling card game case is a high quality product that boasts fantastic reviews, and is absolutely worth the increase in price.


Even on a budget, there are a variety of great products to help transport and protect your CCG decks and stand-alone card games.  Whether you’re looking to carry around a single deck for a Grand Prix, or bringing along multiple decks for casual play, these high quality CCG deck boxes are surprisingly inexpensive for the utility they offer. 

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 March 2019 00:35
Written by Robin G.
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