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Top 9 Most Epic Playmats for Magic: The Gathering and Final Fantasy TCG

Top 9 Most Epic Playmats for Magic

When it comes to playmats, there are a ton of options available for Magic and FFTCG players so that they can keep their play area level and clean.  Some of these playmats are simple and functional, and do their job well without unnecessary visual distractions; however there are a number of stunning playmats available for those looking to enhance their overall experience.  These epic level playmats are truly works of art, eliciting an aesthetic appreciation from the viewer and communicating shared interests to friends and opponents alike.  If you want your playmat to exceed mousepad status, here are some of the most epic MTG and FFTCG playmats available. 


Magic: The Gathering Blueprint Playmat

This awesome playmat lays out the various zones utilized during games of Magic, in addition to providing a list of phases and layers that can get quite complicated during a game.  The blueprint design elements look amazing, and it’s super functional, making it a great MTG playmat for new players. 



Toad Rider

A play on Frank Frazetta’s “Death Dealer,” this adorable yet totally metal playmat depicting an armor-clad mouse ready to ride a toad into battle is the brainchild of Wizard’s of the Coast artist Clint Cearley.  This is definitely the kind of playmat you will love to show everyone at every game shop you attend.


Final Fantasy 7 Playmat

From Hidden Supplies, this brilliant playmat portrays an alternate art interpretation of the playable characters from Final Fantasy 7 standing in the shadow of the remnants of the Shinra building and Midgar.  Despite the heart-wrenching absence of Aerith (spoiler alert), this playmat is beautiful and compelling, and is one of the best FFTCG playmats available.


LOTR Middle Earth Map

You’ll never tire of the exquisite detail in this playmat, as this depiction of Middle Earth is so precise that you can easily track the journeys of both Hobbits as they departed from the Shire.  This playmat is an absolute showstopper in tournaments and FNMs, and is a perfect TCG playmat for any game.


Paramint Mana Blast

A Mandala-style utilization of repeating patterns themed around the five colors in Magic: The Gathering, this playmat is gorgeous in its design and palette.  It also maintains, at the time of writing this article, 100 percent five-star reviews.


Deadpool and Cable, “The Touch”

This hilarious playmat depicts Deadpool and Cable as Adam and God, respectively, in a humorous parody of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.”  This one is guaranteed to get laughs.


Legend of Zelda Playmat

This playmat features a gritty portrayal of the Wingcrest from the Legend of Zelda franchise, utilizing a cool color palette and asymmetrical imperfections that gives the impression of a battle-worn shield.  The graphics are incredible on this high-quality TCG playmat, and it is sure to be the subject of much attention from those who catch a glimpse. 


2-Player MTG Playmat

Much like the Blueprint Playmat, this mat has a functional design that denotes the location of zones and list phases.  However, this mat has the additional benefit of being twice as wide to accommodate two players simultaneously, a relatively rare function that is extremely valuable when creating a more permanent setup for play-testing before a Grand Prix or FNM.  With the Ultra Pro name recognition and an overwhelmingly positive review average, this is one of the best two player MTG playmats on the market.


Custom Design

We saved the best for last; for a price either equal to, or occasionally cheaper, than the other playmats on this list, TicTakToys will take virtually any image and create a full-sized, edge-stitched playmat completely personalized to your interests.  As a custom playmat for MTG or FFTCG, the options are nearly limitless, so let your imagination only be stopped by the rules for your local game store.


Have a playmat we missed?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

Last Updated on Monday, 11 March 2019 00:41
Written by Vincent A.
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