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5 Tabletop Gaming Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

5 Tabletop Gaming Accessories you Never Knew you Needed

Tabletop games of all kinds are notorious for defying organization, presenting the players with a plethora of pieces, cards, books, papers, and of course, dice.  In addition to the anxiety that clutter creates, this chaotic game state can have a negative impact on the game itself; without an organization strategy, gameplay can be disrupted from the displacement of pieces, damage to books, or difficultly locating certain objects.  Luckily, there are a number of excellent table top accessories to help keep your gaming space manageable.  Here are five tabletop accessories that help you keep your games organized and streamlined so you can get more out of your gaming experience. 


Boogie Board Writing Tablet

As one of the most useful and functional gaming accessories in many years, the benefits of digital life pads and writing tablets, such as the Boogie Board, are hard to overstate.  With the ability to take note of any stat change, loss of life, or puzzle detail, a writing tablet replaces scratch paper in almost any gaming situation.  Additionally, writing tablets are versatile, hyper portable and extremely affordable, making them one of the best tabletop gaming accessories you can buy. 


Dice Trays

Games that use dice for randomization can quickly become contentious without clear rules on how, and where, a player needs to roll their dice.  Dice that roll off the table, for example, always create an awkward re-roll question, and knocking over pieces is a perpetual concern for games like Risk and Catan.  Dice trays avoid these headaches by providing a specific place for rolling dice and ample space to do so.  There are a number of dice tray options, ranging from the simple and functional Koplow Games, to the extravagant Darksilver Forge with leatherette walls and noise reduction padding.


USA Gear D&D Travel Bag

Specifically designed for the needs of D&D players and DMs, the USA Gear travel bag is a great way to keep organized when relocating for a game.  This travel bag can hold multiple books, loose papers, playmats, and dice bags, with adjustable dividers and smaller compartments for heavy customization.  The USA Gear bag is also weather resistant, protecting fragile papers from rain and snow regardless of where your group meets for game night. 


Ultra Pro Gaming Case

The Ultra Pro Gaming Case addresses the storage and transportation requirements of games that involve large numbers of individual cards, such as TCGs like Magic: The Gathering or tabletop games like Descent.  With six distinct sections for decks, this travel case is not only sufficient for moving numerous Commander decks out to the game store, but can also be helpful in storing and organizing piles of cards at home.  Additionally, the Ultra Pro case has extra storage for dice and sleeves, serving as an MTG deck box for Friday Night Magic as well.      


Hexers Role Playing Game Board

Much like writing tablets, a reusable role playing game board is extremely functional in a wide variety of situations and a must-have for any tabletop gaming situation.  The Hexers Game Board, for example, is a dry erase game board that provides 4 square feet of standardized units to help visualize complicated and precise game scenarios, allowing for quick and re-usable setup to accommodate any role-playing requirement.  This game board is also two-sided, enabling the players to make use of squares or hexes depending on the role-playing system.  Beyond specific games like D&D and GURPS, a high-quality dry erase game board is great for free-form roleplaying and general creative outlet, and is especially great for kids.  


Malleable and multi-purposed, these affordable gaming accessories offer incredible value for even casual tabletop gamers that need organization, storage, or transportation solutions for their games.  Most of these products are also useful in other arenas, and, because of their focus on functionality, can easily be repurposed for future game acquisitions.  As the clutter builds and setup becomes increasingly difficult, simplify your gaming experience with these great tabletop gaming accessories so you can focus on your friends and your tasks.    

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 March 2019 21:06
Written by Robin G.
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