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Cheap and Affordable Folding Tabletop Gaming Tables in 2019

Cheap and Affordable Folding Tabletop Gaming Tables in 2019

Tabletop gaming can require significant open space, both for numerous players and game materials, and frequently existing kitchen furniture cannot accommodate these demands.  Location can also pose problems, as many homes have kitchens or dining rooms that are separate from living rooms, resulting in unwanted distance from other game night activities.  Having an affordable and reliable folding card table at your disposal can be a quick and easy solution to this problem, allowing you to rapidly transform any room into a game room.  Additionally, fold out card tables are perfect for setting up outdoor gaming spaces on patios and porches.  Here are some of the best cheap folding tables for 2019.


Flash Furniture Square Folding Table

As “Amazon’s Choice” for card table products, this folding gaming table is cheap and effective.  With a 34in x 34in gaming space, and a 220 pound weight capacity, this table easily allows for four players and most game materials.  The table is also square, allowing equal distance for each player, which is ideal for games where players operate in the same capacity such as Coup.  Although perhaps not large enough to fit sprawling game states that occur in Magic: The Gathering Commander play or complicated games of D&D, this folding gaming table is the least expensive and most straightforward on this list.



5 Piece XL Folding Card Table

To avoid the hassle of moving chairs, or to allow for additional seating, a table and chair set has the added benefit of providing highly mobile seats in addition to a folding table.  This 5 piece set comes with four chairs and a table, all of which fold quickly for easy storage and deployment.  The padded folding chairs are sturdy and durable, making for a comfortable experience during even the most extreme gaming sessions of Diplomacy or Risk.  The usable game space is also larger than the Flash Furniture square table for more complicated games.  The only drawback to this set is the price, which, although providing excellent value for the money, is the highest of the products on this list.    


Flash Furniture Round Bi-folded Table

Round tables provide a number of unique benefits that square or rectangular tables do not, making this rounded folding card and gaming table a great choice for certain individuals.  Round tables, for example, can accommodate a variable number of players, requiring only that there be sufficient chairs for each player.  Rounded tables are also great for party games that require movement and standing, such as Two Rooms and a Boom.


Folding Game Table with Felt

With the addition of felt, this folding card and gaming table is perfect for more traditional games like poker or Mahjong.  This textured surface significantly reduces resistance when moving cards and tiles across the table without a board underneath, although you need to be extra careful with liquids around the felt.  Luckily this folding table has cup holders around the edges as well, creating a secure location for drinks.  This specialty gaming table is surprisingly affordable, almost as low in price as the basic Flash Furniture folding table, offering an excellent value and making it one of the best folding card tables available. 


The convenience of tables, and potentially chairs, that can be folded up and easily stored cannot be overstated.  Heavy dining room tables and bulky kitchen sets are frequently immovable, and not usually in a great location or room for entertaining guests.  Additionally, these affordable folding gaming tables are designed for the heavy use so that jostling, scratching, and denting don’t ruin more expensive furniture.  If you’re a game night host, or want to start a small poker get together, these folding card tables offer a myriad of benefits that make set up and tear down a breeze. 

Last Updated on Friday, 18 January 2019 00:52
Written by Robin G.
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