Catalyst will be switching soon to an Amazon only sales avenue. Because of this, the website will be changed and there will no longer be any sponsorship accounts or checkouts. Now is the last chance to purchase from our website. All of our prices have been insanely discounted. While supplies last. Thank you to everyone for your support over the years!

Sponsorship FAQ


Q: Do I get a discount code? What do I share with my fans?

A: Your referral link is not a code and does not apply a discount; however, your customized link does ensure that all purchases completed through it are attributed to your account, earning you credit towards the next sponsorship level and money that can be cashed out. After clicking your link, your fans do not need to input anything to credit you for their purchase.



Q: Where can I download the Catalyst logo files, intro video, product photos, and Twitch banners?

A: You are welcome to use our video intro on your YouTube videos, and promotional materials on your social media pages, which include banners and other assets to promote your sponsorship. You can find all of these available in our Press Kit by clicking here.



Q: Someone ordered through my link and I didn't receive credit.

A: Your referral link uses browser cookies to ensure that credit is properly applied, so if someone orders with cookies disabled, you may not receive immediate credit. Don't worry though, simply contact us with the order ID number, and we can get this taken care of for you.


Q: I am currently sponsored at Bronze level. How do I advance my rank and get free merchandise?

A: You can reach new levels by encouraging your fans and followers to purchase through your referral link. As your earnings grow, you will level up as you hit benchmarks along the way, and you can track your progress to your next level from your sponsorship dashboard. When you level up and earn free merchandise, we will contact you by email to arrange your shipment.


Q: If I change my YouTube/Twitch channel, or I move to a different address, does this affect my sponsorship?

A: No, you can keep the same account. All of your channels and personal information can be changed at any time from your sponsorship dashboard, which is accessible by logging into your sponsorship account.


Q: I don't have a PayPal account. Can you provide cash outs another way?

A: At this time, we are only able to provide cash outs of earnings via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you are welcome to register your sponsorship account without this information. You can always add a PayPal account later when you are ready.


Q: Can Catalyst make me a banner or overlay for my channel/stream?

A: We do not provide custom graphics for our sponsored gamers, but you are welcome to use our video intro and promotional materials, which include banners, logo files, and other assets to promote your sponsorship. You can find all of these available by clicking here.


Q: Where can I view the Vault and Raffle Official Rules?

A: The Vault Program and Raffle Program Official Rules can be viewed at

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