Catalyst Press

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The Press Kit includes:

  • Catalyst Mints Twitch banners
  • Catalyst Mints logo files
  • High definition product photos and renderings
  • FAQ and contact information

Download our press kit below (Please note: the Press email address listed in the press kit is no longer valid. Please use support (at) catalystmints [dot] com for all contact, even press related):
Catalyst Mints Press Kit (RAR File)
Catalyst Mints Press Kit (ZIP File)
Catalyst Energy - Shakers + Powders Assets (RAR File)

Download our video intro below:
Catalyst Mints Video Intro (19MB) (Right click > Save As)

 Download T-Pain's Video Review:
T-Pain's Video Review (80MB) (Right click > Save As)


Updates and Deals

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