Catalyst will be switching soon to an Amazon only sales avenue. Because of this, the website will be changed and there will no longer be any sponsorship accounts or checkouts. Now is the last chance to purchase from our website. All of our prices have been insanely discounted. While supplies last. Thank you to everyone for your support over the years!

Catalyst Press

Please feel free to contact us here.

The Press Kit includes:

  • Catalyst Mints Twitch banners
  • Catalyst Mints logo files
  • High definition product photos and renderings
  • FAQ and contact information

Download our press kit below (Please note: the Press email address listed in the press kit is no longer valid. Please use support (at) catalystmints [dot] com for all contact, even press related):
Catalyst Mints Press Kit (RAR File)
Catalyst Mints Press Kit (ZIP File)
Catalyst Energy - Shakers + Powders Assets (RAR File)

Download our video intro below:
Catalyst Mints Video Intro (19MB) (Right click > Save As)

 Download T-Pain's Video Review:
T-Pain's Video Review (80MB) (Right click > Save As)


Updates and Deals

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