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High Performance Sleep Technology for Quality Sleep and Superior Health

High Performance Sleep Technology for Quality Sleep and Superior Health

With nearly one third of our lives spent in various stages of sleep, an advantage that can be gained with new sleep technology is frequently worth investigating.  These developments can occur in a variety of spaces, including mattresses, blankets, and even sheets.  To help make your sleep as restorative as possible, here are some of the latest smart sleep technology products that can enhance overall health and fitness and improve the quality of your sleep. 


Withings Sleep Tracking Pad

An incredible new development in sleep technology, the Withings Sleep Tracking Pad is a data collection device that empowers progress in sleep behaviors.  This smart sleep technology tracks a myriad of sleep quality indicators, including sleep cycles and heartrate, and is sufficiently sophisticated to detect snoring.  With this data, Withings’ app develops a quantified score to measure quality of sleep over time, considering factors such as sleep duration, impact of sleep, and the time required to fall asleep.  The app also offers a personalized sleep coach to guide you towards substantial sleep improvements.  Additionally, this smart sleep tracking pad can be integrated into other automated home systems, including Alexa, allowing you to create a predictable routine of smart home adjustments in temperature and lighting.  With a low price tag and virtually no set up, the Withings sleep tracking pad is one of the best smart sleep technologies available, and can lead to unbelievable improvements in overall health. 



Smart Sheets

Smart sheets function to reduce the frustration associated with a number of inconveniences, and to improve the overall sleeping experience.  These Elegant Comfort Smart Sheets, for example, improve on standard sheets in almost every way, boasting microfiber yarns that are softer and more breathable than traditional sheets.  These yarns are also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, perfect for improving allergies while sleeping and getting more out of fewer hours of rest.  This Elegant Comfort product also include deep pockets for common items, such as books, tablets, and reading glasses, used during the decompression activities commonly engaged in while falling asleep.  These 1500 thread count smart sheets are even stain and wrinkle resistant, making it clear why this product is Amazon’s Choice for “Smart Sheets” and why they continue to maintain excellent reviews. 


Weighted Blankets

A fascinating, and almost ubiquitous, desire among individuals falling asleep is to feel a weight or heaviness upon their body, and weighted blankets are an excellent way of facilitating this.  The YnM weighted blanket, for example, is another Amazon’s Choice product, one that offers a specific improvement over traditional blankets with the addition of weighted glass beads woven into the layers of the blanket.  This smart weighted blanket creates a sensation of safety and protection, working as an all-natural sleep aid for many individuals who struggle with falling asleep.  The YnM weighted blanket comes in a variety of sizes and weights, making it a great weighted blanket for children and adults, depending on individual preferences.  The YnM blanket is also an extremely affordable weighted blanket compared to many of its competitors, a benefit for those shopping on a budget.


With the overwhelming importance of sleep, which is increasingly disrupted by external concerns in our life, these smart sleep technologies are more impactful than they may seem at first glance.  Even a moderate improvement in comfort, or the reduction of a discomfort, with sleep can have lasting and multiplicative effects over time, and these great smart products can begin that process in a simple, cost effective way that helps fulfill your health and fitness goals of 2019. 

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 March 2019 23:14
Written by Eddy D.
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