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4 Easy Tips for keeping your Health and Fitness New Year’s Resolution for 2019

4 Easy Tips for keeping your Health and Fitness New Years Resolution for 2019

Throughout 2018 we addressed a number of fitness and tech related products to keep you healthy and increase overall wellness.  As the New Year begins, however, resolutions and personal improvement are of unusually high importance, and many of these topics are worth re-visiting.  In this article, we compile a comprehensive list of quick tips to provide a framework for you to keep your New Year’s fitness goals, starting 2019 with a renewed dedication to exercise and healthy life choices.


Utilize Fitness Tech

One great way to get the most out of your New Year’s fitness resolution is to make use of the awesome health technology available that collects data and monitors wellness.  Affordable fitness trackers, for example, offer a myriad of benefits for those looking to optimize their daily exercise and improve their performance.  Products like the Fitbit Flex 2 monitor heartrate, calories burned, and sleep quality to help you get the most out of your regular activities, while the MorePro Health Tracker has built in tools to push yourself to new personal bests.  Wearable health monitors are durable and inconspicuous, and the data they generate are invaluable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



Eat Well

The backbone of any effective fitness plan begins in the kitchen, and one of the best ways to begin a healthy 2019 is with an increased focus on what you eat.  While many individuals may have an idea of what they ought to use to fuel their bodies, many struggle with how to accomplish these culinary results.  To aid in the process of cooking, there are a number of great smart kitchen appliances that simplify the preparation of food and reduce unfortunate food-related outcomes such as burning or undercooking; the Meater Smart Thermometer texts you when the internal temperature of your meat is correct, while the Instant Pot Smart WiFi Pressure Cooker virtually cooks the meal entirely itself.  Additionally, as discussed in our previous article, a great muscle building supplement can help in muscle formation and recovery.


Get Home Gym Equipment

Picking up home workout equipment is the perfect way to get in shape without going to the gym.  From a simple dumbbell set like the AmazonBasics Dumbbells, all the way up to an XTERRA elliptical machine, working out in the comfort of your own home increases the likelihood you will keep to a routine and improves your odds of keeping your New Year’s resolution for 2019.  Using video games like DDR Max 2, or even playing Pokemon Go, are also great ways of staying in shape without a gym membership that’s likely to go unused by February.


Use a Standing Desk

For those engaged in long hours of competitive gaming or computer-related work, a standing desk can help achieve your 2019 fitness goals without the extra burden on your busy schedule.  By simply standing while working or gaming you can improve your overall health and wellness, improving circulation and burning additional calories.  If you already have a computer desk, an adjustable standing desk converter such as the VIVO Standing Desk Riser can be utilized without disrupting your existing set up, and if you need a new desk entirely the ApexDesk AirDesk is one of the best adjustable full-sized standing desks available. 

When it comes to keeping your New Year’s resolution for 2019, these easy tricks can put you on the right path, giving you the best chance of success in living a healthier lifestyle.  All of these tips can be integrated into your already existing schedule and routine, are extremely affordable, and require a minimal initial investment of time.  If you have a particularly extreme New Year’s resolution, or just want to create an external commitment, share your goals below!

Last Updated on Thursday, 03 January 2019 17:41
Written by Eddy D.
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