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Best Adjustable Standing Computer Desks for Better Overall Health and Fitness

Best Adjustable Standing Computer Desks for Better Overall Health and Fitness

Prolonged sitting during extended gaming sessions or work-related projects can lead to physical discomfort and poor circulation, a problem that is only compounded week after week.  To help resolve these issues, many individuals have come to see the value in utilizing an adjustable standing desk, a device that allows the user to continue working and gaming while accomplishing the physiological benefits of standing.  Additionally, these products are adjustable, so you can easily move from one position to the other at your discretion.  To help improve overall wellness, here are some of the best standing desks for your health and fitness goals of 2019.


AmazonBasics Standing Desk Converter

For no frills products that function well, the AmazonBasics series has repeatedly been an excellent choice, and the AmazonBasics Standing Desk is no exception.  This effective adjustable standing desk sits atop a regular computer desk and can then be expanded up to 20” inches upward so that the user can stand while working, allowing you to keep your existing computer desk and continue to use it while sitting.  Additionally, this standing desk has a 20 pound weight capacity, ensuring your monitor, keyboard and mouse can safely be lifted to a standing height.  Arriving fully assembled, the AmazonBasics Standing Desk Converter will help you easily and immediately improve your physical health in the New Year.


Zinus Smart Standing Desk

With the lowest price tag of the standing desks considered in this article, the Zinus Standing Desk is one of the best affordable standing desk options available.  With a 32” by 22” workspace, this adjustable desk top can accommodate a monitor with keyboard and mouse or a full-sized laptop, allowing you to game with whatever equipment you currently have.  Like the AmazonBasics desk, this standing desk works with your existing desk, and can also be used to simply elevate your monitor to reduce neck strain while sitting.  The Zinus Standing desk is also solid and robust with a steel frame and a 1 year warranty.


ApexDesk AirDesk

As discussed in our previous article, the AirDesk is a great full-sized standing desk for gaming long hours both while sitting and standing.  Designed for easy height adjustment, the AirDesk elevates all the objects on the desk, including speakers and modems, so your permanent cord management doesn’t get disrupted.  Additionally, the workspace is much larger than a standing desk converter, supporting 47” by 27” of usable surface area with a slight indent for ergonomic functionality.  If you’re replacing an old desk, or looking to add a new piece of furniture to your home, the ApexDesk standing desk is a great product to help meet your fitness goals of the New Year.


VIVO Standing Desk Riser

This sleek, black sit-to-stand desk converter allows for heavy customization of your workspace, not only enabling you to work and game while sitting or standing, but also allowing for changes with the product itself.  The VIVO standing desk, for example, comes with a keyboard tray that’s removal, and includes a device tray for phones and tablets.  This great adjustable desk riser is also spacious enough to accommodate a dual-monitor set-up, as it boasts a large surface area, and a more significant weight capacity, than the other standing desk converters discussed.  Powered by gas spring force and a simple locking mechanism, the VIVO desk riser is one of the easiest adjustable standing desks to operate and manipulate to fluidly move from a sitting and standing work position.


A quality standing desk can offer a litany of health benefits, from increased blood circulation to improved posture, and makes use of the time already spent engaging in a different activity.  With a number of low-cost options, and minimal initial set up, the benefits of adjustable desks and risers far outweigh the costs, and can be a small but significant part in improving your overall health for 2019.

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 December 2018 20:09
Written by Eddy D.
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