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Best Wearable Health Devices for Working Out and Losing Weight

Best Wearable Health Devices for Health and Fitness

There are a number of statistics that health conscious individuals should be aware of in order to optimize their daily fitness and activity.  Frequently exercise is over-estimated, for example, while calories consumed are miscounted, skewing the perspective on overall health.  Luckily, there are a number of excellent fitness trackers that document a myriad of health related stats, ensuring reliable data upon which the wearer can make informed decisions to better meet their fitness goals.  These devices come in a variety of options, providing unique functionality for different individuals, but all will help you stay in shape and meet your New Year’s goals of exercising more.


Fitbit Flex 2

The Fitbit Flex 2 is an excellent fitness tracker for extremely active people, specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals constantly on the move.  This durable health monitor keeps track of calories burned and steps taken during normal activities, and also monitors sleep to keep your energy levels high for peak performance.  Additionally, the Fitbit Flex is built not only to withstand pools and showers, but also the damaging waters of the ocean, making it an especially awesome wearable health monitor for swimming.  The data generated from the Flex 2 also automatically syncs wirelessly with hundreds of tablets and smartphones, making it easily accessible for review and planning.  Combined with a great price, the Fitbit Flex 2 is an affordable fitness tracker that offers a complete health monitoring package. 


Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker

A unique take on wearable health technology, the Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker is, as the name implies, a wearable ring instead of a wristband, making it extremely convenient and discreet.  After determining the right size ring for your finger, the Motiv Fitness Tracker documents steps, heartrate, and calories burned to help you make informed decisions regarding your health and wellness.  The Motiv Ring is also made of titanium, and is lightweight and waterproof as to not interfere with your daily routine.  This fitness tracker is additionally exceptional for its two-step online verification to keep your health data safe and away from nefarious data thieves. 


MorePro Health Tracker

If you’re looking for more than just health data, the MorePro Health Tracker has additional benefits the other options on this list neglect.  Similar to other fitness trackers, the MorePro monitors important bodily behaviors such as sleep stages, heartrate, and blood pressure, but also   has a large, color screen for a digital watch display, allowing the device to be used as both a sporty smart watch and a fitness monitor.  Indeed, as a smart watch health tracker the MorePro allows the wearer to make use of important fitness tools, such as a stopwatch, that other products lack.  The MorePro is also more prominent in its design, utilizing bright colors and larger band to create a fashionable wearable health monitor that allows you to accessorize.  As far as battery is concerned, the MorePro Health Tracker can function for up to 10 days on one charge, making it one of the best health trackers for battery life.


The monitoring of daily health behavior is an important step in improving and maintaining overall wellness, and these great wearable fitness devices generate the requisite data for this important analysis with precision and consistency.  They vary in size and shape, ranging from the nearly unnoticeable Motiv Ring to the colorful MorePro, and work especially well with certain activities, offering a plethora of options for health minded individuals.  Where ever your fitness goals take you, these great health monitors represent some of the best in wearable health tech products on the market. 

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 December 2018 21:11
Written by Jacob S.
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