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Best Active Video Games with Exercise to Improve Health and Fitness

Best Cheap Health and Fitness Video Games

Traditionally, video games have been a stationary endeavor, one that captivated the mind and utilized hand-eye coordination but not much else.  There are a number of fitness video games, however, that disrupt this trend, and have, over the years, provided an excellent outlet for exercise while maintaining many of the facets of gaming that make the pastime enjoyable.  These games not only make keeping your fitness goals fun and playful, but also help ease beginners into a regular routine.  Especially if you’re looking to get in better shape on a budget, cheap exercise video games can be a great option for this New Year’s resolution.


Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

This Nintendo Wii U classic is an entire fitness program packed into one game.  With 125 different workouts, personalized workout programs, and extensive accounting of stats, Fitness Evolved is one of the best health and fitness products available.  Although the game lacks much of the gamification found in similar products, many individuals will find the simplicity and straightforwardness of the game desirable, especially those looking for quick exercise routines.  Fitness Evolved also offers a great fitness program for older individuals, as many of the options are low-impact and low-intensity.



DDR Max 2

Dance Dance Revolution was one of the greatest fitness games ever built, and DDR Max 2 is the best the series has to offer specifically for exercise purposes.  This great rhythm game allows for a myriad of difficulty levels, ranging from beginner’s songs to the devastating 10-footers like Max Unlimited, and allows you to see progress in skill and in overall fitness rapidly.  Once at the higher difficulties, the game allows you to combine high-intensity workouts that burn calories and improve core strength with some of the most fun and rewarding gameplay available in any category.  The game is a bit older, and requires a DDR pad, but compared to the cost of a gym membership this additional cost still allows DDR to be classified as one of the cheapest health and fitness products available. 


Pokemon Go

If played with fitness in mind, Pokemon Go offers an extremely unique opportunity to gamify your workout experience and enjoy exercise in and unprecedented way.  With Pokemon Go, the player can walk or run for extended periods of time, stopping occasionally to catch Pokemon or collect items at a Pokestop, only to feel motivated to keep going in order to continue playing the game.  Pokemon Go now has the additional benefit of syncing your Pokemon with the latest Switch game Pokemon: Let’s Go, offering yet another answer as to how you can maintain a new exercise routine.  Also, Pokemon Go is completely free, making it the cheapest way to keep your New Year’s resolution.


Exercise regiments need to be idiosyncratic, as everyone’s routine ought to reflect their own capabilities and goals, and fitness video games allow for that in ways other options may not.  Whether you’re looking for high-intensity workouts to burn fat and improve performance, or trying out a new low-impact exercise routine for overall health, the gamification of fitness available in these games offers the opportunity to customize your experience and heartily enjoy the process of getting into better shape. 

Last Updated on Sunday, 23 December 2018 18:49
Written by Vincent A.
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