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Best Muscle Building Supplements for Men

best muscle building supplements for men

In addition to Catalyst nootropic powders, there are a number of great supplements that help build muscle and repair your body both before and after workouts.  Intense weight training depletes the body of the basic building blocks of tissue development, and sometimes requires more of the amino acids and hormones than food alone can make available.  Additionally, aging bodies produce less, and make less efficient use, of the fuel needed for strong muscle growth, and may benefit from the use of supplements.  Whether you’re pushing for a new personal best at the gym, or looking to regain overall fitness accomplishments degraded by age, these muscle building supplements for men provide an excellent solution.


Prime Lab’s Testosterone Booster

For men with low testosterone, this low T supplement can boost strength and improve performance.  Currently an Amazon Best Seller, Prime Lab’s supplement has over 10,000 positive reviews from user that attest to its effectiveness and potency, and uses a myriad of natural ingredients to enable their primary mechanism.  Prime Lab’s Testosterone Booster is also formulated in an FDA registered facility here in the United States, further contributing to its status as a high quality muscle supplement.



Real Muscle Builder from Modern Man Products

This all-in-one muscle building supplement has a large variety of the ingredients the body needs for weight training improvements.  Real Muscle Builder combines powerful ecdysterones with enabling R-liopic acid sodium to help your body reach its maximum potential.  Additionally, this supplement includes ingredients like niacin and B6 vitamins that further assist your body in recovery.  With a price similar to other supplements in its class, Real Muscle Builder is an affordable muscle building supplement for men that are not interested in compromise. 


Challenge Pre-Workout from GNC

From one of the largest names in the industry, Challenge from GNC is an excellent pre-workout supplement for men looking to maximize efficacy with their weight training.  With its blended formula of creatine, beta-alanine, and a healthy portion of caffeine, this supplement can improve both focus and energy, leading to better performance and more satisfying results.  Additionally, because Challenge is developed and distributed by a company known for its high quality supplements and vitamins, you can be confident in the safety and purity of the product. 


These great supplements each serve slightly different needs, but all accomplish their intended goals quite well, and all function as high quality muscle supplements for men on a weight training mission.  If you have low T, low energy, or just low motivation to make it out to the gym on a regular schedule, these fitness supplements can work collaboratively with your body to help you realize your full physical potential. 

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Written by Jacob S.
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