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4 Easy Tips for keeping your Health and Fitness New Year’s Resolution for 2019

4 Easy Tips for keeping your Health and Fitness New Years Resolution for 2019

Throughout 2018 we addressed a number of fitness and tech related products to keep you healthy and increase overall wellness.  As the New Year begins, however, resolutions and personal improvement are of unusually high importance, and many of these topics are worth re-visiting.  In this article, we compile a comprehensive list of quick tips to provide a framework for you to keep your New Year’s fitness goals, starting 2019 with a renewed dedication to exercise and healthy life choices.


Utilize Fitness Tech

One great way to get the most out of your New Year’s fitness resolution is to make use of the awesome health technology available that collects data and monitors wellness.  Affordable fitness trackers, for example, offer a myriad of benefits for those looking to optimize their daily exercise and improve their performance.  Products like the Fitbit Flex 2 monitor heartrate, calories burned, and sleep quality to help you get the most out of your regular activities, while the MorePro Health Tracker has built in tools to push yourself to new personal bests.  Wearable health monitors are durable and inconspicuous, and the data they generate are invaluable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Best Wearable Health Devices for Working Out and Losing Weight

Best Wearable Health Devices for Health and Fitness

There are a number of statistics that health conscious individuals should be aware of in order to optimize their daily fitness and activity.  Frequently exercise is over-estimated, for example, while calories consumed are miscounted, skewing the perspective on overall health.  Luckily, there are a number of excellent fitness trackers that document a myriad of health related stats, ensuring reliable data upon which the wearer can make informed decisions to better meet their fitness goals.  These devices come in a variety of options, providing unique functionality for different individuals, but all will help you stay in shape and meet your New Year’s goals of exercising more.


Fitbit Flex 2

The Fitbit Flex 2 is an excellent fitness tracker for extremely active people, specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals constantly on the move.  This durable health monitor keeps track of calories burned and steps taken during normal activities, and also monitors sleep to keep your energy levels high for peak performance.  Additionally, the Fitbit Flex is built not only to withstand pools and showers, but also the damaging waters of the ocean, making it an especially awesome wearable health monitor for swimming.  The data generated from the Flex 2 also automatically syncs wirelessly with hundreds of tablets and smartphones, making it easily accessible for review and planning.  Combined with a great price, the Fitbit Flex 2 is an affordable fitness tracker that offers a complete health monitoring package. 


Best Adjustable Standing Computer Desks for Better Overall Health and Fitness

Best Adjustable Standing Computer Desks for Better Overall Health and Fitness

Prolonged sitting during extended gaming sessions or work-related projects can lead to physical discomfort and poor circulation, a problem that is only compounded week after week.  To help resolve these issues, many individuals have come to see the value in utilizing an adjustable standing desk, a device that allows the user to continue working and gaming while accomplishing the physiological benefits of standing.  Additionally, these products are adjustable, so you can easily move from one position to the other at your discretion.  To help improve overall wellness, here are some of the best standing desks for your health and fitness goals of 2019.


AmazonBasics Standing Desk Converter

For no frills products that function well, the AmazonBasics series has repeatedly been an excellent choice, and the AmazonBasics Standing Desk is no exception.  This effective adjustable standing desk sits atop a regular computer desk and can then be expanded up to 20” inches upward so that the user can stand while working, allowing you to keep your existing computer desk and continue to use it while sitting.  Additionally, this standing desk has a 20 pound weight capacity, ensuring your monitor, keyboard and mouse can safely be lifted to a standing height.  Arriving fully assembled, the AmazonBasics Standing Desk Converter will help you easily and immediately improve your physical health in the New Year.

Best Active Video Games with Exercise to Improve Health and Fitness

Best Cheap Health and Fitness Video Games

Traditionally, video games have been a stationary endeavor, one that captivated the mind and utilized hand-eye coordination but not much else.  There are a number of fitness video games, however, that disrupt this trend, and have, over the years, provided an excellent outlet for exercise while maintaining many of the facets of gaming that make the pastime enjoyable.  These games not only make keeping your fitness goals fun and playful, but also help ease beginners into a regular routine.  Especially if you’re looking to get in better shape on a budget, cheap exercise video games can be a great option for this New Year’s resolution.


Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

This Nintendo Wii U classic is an entire fitness program packed into one game.  With 125 different workouts, personalized workout programs, and extensive accounting of stats, Fitness Evolved is one of the best health and fitness products available.  Although the game lacks much of the gamification found in similar products, many individuals will find the simplicity and straightforwardness of the game desirable, especially those looking for quick exercise routines.  Fitness Evolved also offers a great fitness program for older individuals, as many of the options are low-impact and low-intensity.


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