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5 Tabletop Gaming Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

5 Tabletop Gaming Accessories you Never Knew you Needed

Tabletop games of all kinds are notorious for defying organization, presenting the players with a plethora of pieces, cards, books, papers, and of course, dice.  In addition to the anxiety that clutter creates, this chaotic game state can have a negative impact on the game itself; without an organization strategy, gameplay can be disrupted from the displacement of pieces, damage to books, or difficultly locating certain objects.  Luckily, there are a number of excellent table top accessories to help keep your gaming space manageable.  Here are five tabletop accessories that help you keep your games organized and streamlined so you can get more out of your gaming experience. 


Boogie Board Writing Tablet

As one of the most useful and functional gaming accessories in many years, the benefits of digital life pads and writing tablets, such as the Boogie Board, are hard to overstate.  With the ability to take note of any stat change, loss of life, or puzzle detail, a writing tablet replaces scratch paper in almost any gaming situation.  Additionally, writing tablets are versatile, hyper portable and extremely affordable, making them one of the best tabletop gaming accessories you can buy. 

Awesome Deals on Hard Pool Cue Cases for Storage and Transportation

Awesome Deals on Hard Pool Cue Cases for Storage and Transportation

When stored properly and transported carefully, a two-piece pool cue can literally last a lifetime, requiring only the occasional tip replacement and new wrap.  Acquiring a high-quality pool cue case, then, is important to extending the longevity of your cue and protecting it from accidental damage.  In this article, we spotlight some of the best deals on hard pool cue cases that are perfect for a variety of needs and budgets, helping the reader best care for their beloved two-piece cue sticks. 


Casemaster Q-Vault Supreme Cue Case

One of the most affordable pool cue cases on the market, the Casemaster Q-Vault case is excellent for casual or competitive pool players who need a simple and straightforward way of moving their cue around.  The hard leatherette exterior protects the owner’s cue from scratches and dents, while the interior cushions help prevent warping and impact damage.  Although this pool cue case only holds one butt and one shaft, it protects a single cue extremely well for the price.

4 Reasons why Gruul Midrange Placed Top 8 in Grand Prix Memphis 2019

4 Reasons why Gruul Midrange Placed Top 8 in Grand Prix Memphis 2019

Along with the Rakdos Aggro deck that took 1st place, Grand Prix Memphis 2019 had another shocking top 8 contender in a Gruul Midrange deck piloted by Shota Takao.  Takao’s success is surprising because, despite many competitive MTG players positing that a green and red aggro deck could be strong in the format, few Gruul decks had found virtually any success up until this point, and the deck at first glance seems largely unoriginal.  At closer inspection, however, there are a number of facets to this deck that are genius in their simplicity, which, in combination, have created what could soon be one of the best decks in MTG standard.  Here are four reasons why Gruul Midrange might have been able to outperform hundreds of other competitors for a spot in the top 8 of Grand Prix Memphis 2019. 


Card Advantage in Red and Green

Generally speaking, it’s more difficult in Magic: The Gathering to accomplish card advantage in Gruul colors than, for example, Dimir or Esper, because those guilds have access to both blue and black.  This deck, however, has cheated out card advantage with creatures that function in the same way a draw spell would.  Direfleet Daredevil, for example, is card advantage because it steals a spell from your opponent’s graveyard, functioning as either two spells or, in the case of stealing a spell with Jump-Start, a 3 spell swing.  Similarly, Growth-Chamber Guardian replaces itself when it adapts, allowing you to put another copy of GCG in your hand from your library and working exactly like drawing a card.  Further, Takao’s list runs Karn on the board, which is extremely cost efficient card advantage in a colorless Planeswalker, and one of the best Planeswalkers in MTG standard, despite currently being underrated.  


Keeping Cool: Easy Tricks to Prevent Tilting in Competitive MTG Arena and Live Play

Keeping Cool Easy Tricks to Prevent Tilting in Competitive MTG Arena and Live Play 2

Regardless of the variance inherent in Magic: The Gathering, sometimes even the most talented and capable players can lose to their own frustration and inability to regain control over themselves and their situation.  Once on tilt, players harp on past mistakes or bad beats, losing focus on their current lines of play and frequently making additional misplays because of their clouded judgement.  These errors can quickly spiral out of control, causing game and match loses or even spilling over into future games.  Most of us have had this experience at least a handful of times during our history of competitive MTG, but the good news is that this problem is preventable and easy to resolve with practice.  In this article we discuss how to stop tilting in games generally, and provide easy tips for playing competitive Magic: The Gathering to not only improve your live play, but make Arena ladder grinding a substantially more enjoyable experience.  


Breathe with Purpose

When it comes to calming techniques, almost all experts agree that breathing correctly is essential to reducing anger in a short period of time.  This is because the rapid, shallow breathing that results from upsetting situations signals to the body the need for more adrenaline, creating a positive feedback loop that needs to be disrupted.  So the next time you miss a Search for Azcanta trigger, or make a bad attack into Settle the Wreckage, make sure to focus on taking long, deep breaths to keep your body out of a fight-or-flight response.  These breathing strategies are additionally applicable to virtually every other game, helping to stop tilting in Overwatch, League, and Call of Duty as well. 

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