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Streaming For Charity: How to Setup and Raise Money for Charities While Gaming

Streaming For Charity How to Setup and Raise Money for Charities While Gaming

You can stream for a wide variety of reasons. Streaming to raise money for charity is an excellent way to both have some fun and do some good in the world. Yet how do you go about streaming for charity? Consider this guide if you’re looking to do some streaming for charity.

The first step to streaming for charity is picking a good charity to donate to. It’s tempting to just pick a charity that you like the sound of, but it’s important to make sure that you’re actually doing good with the money you donate. Groups like CharityNavigator and GiveWell rate the effectiveness of charities by analyzing how they spend the money they receive. For instance, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the beneficiaries of the Extra Life charity event have been rated 4 out of 4 stars by CharityNavigator. So pick a charity that addresses a cause you care about and does measurable good.

How to Grow Your Channel and Make the Most Money on YouTube

How to Grow Your Channel and Make the Most Money on YouTube

The landscape of social media is always changing, and with it comes changes to advertising and revenue models. As an example, YouTube has recently instituted new restrictions for monetizing videos. These restrictions include having more than 1,000 subscribers and having more than 4,000 hours of watch time on your videos. So bear in mind that you will have to jump this hurdle to earn any money on YouTube at all. Thus the question becomes, “How do I get more subscribers and views?” You can make a lot of money on YouTube, but it will not be quick and it will not be easy.

Best Retro Console Emulator Accessories for PC

Best Retro Console Emulator Accessories for PC

If you’re the type of person who enjoys retro gaming on your PC, you may want to check out some of these excellent retro gaming accessories. These accessories will make your retro gaming easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’d like to connect more USB devices to your PC or want to play with a wireless retro controller, these gaming accessories are guaranteed to enhance your retro gaming experience.

Retro Controller Adapters

While you might want to play your retro games with a retro USB controller (link to retro controller article), if you’re a stickler for the real thing you can just purchase a USB adapter for your PC and use an actual retro controller to play your favorite retro games. A wide variety of adapters are sold for the controllers for just about every classic console. You can easily get a USB adapter for a NES controller, a SNES controller, or even an N64 controller. The adapters produced by RetroBit or RetroLink are usually reliable, and so are the controllers adapters produced by Tomee.

What are the Most Modded Video Games? Customizing your Gaming Experience

Ready What are the Most Modded Video Games Customizing your Gaming Experience

Video games that have active fanbases and communities are great options for streaming. This is even more true if the game in question has an active modding community. Mods make playing a game, and watching a game being played, more unique, which adds to its appeal and longevity. What are some of the most modded video games of all time? Which ones are worth streaming and modding on your PC?

Battlefield 1942

The popular first person shooter Battlefield 1942 is a game which got official support from its developers, who released toolkits for modders. As a result the game is still receiving new mods to this day and still has an active player base. Fighting on pirate ships with rocket launchers in place of starboard cannons is just plain fun.

Grand Theft Auto 5

The open world nature of the Grand Theft Auto games makes them a popular series to mod. There’s a crazy amount of mods to be found online for GTA5, including a functional Iron Man suit, and even Rick’s spaceship from Rick and Morty. GTA5 itself is an extremely popular game to stream, and spicing up your own stream with some fun mods will earn you some views for certain. If you’ve ever wanted to pilot the Delorean into a rampaging Godzilla, be sure to check the mods for GTA5 out.

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