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Best Affordable Earbuds for High Quality Streaming on Mobile Devices

Best Affordable Earbuds for 4k Streaming on Mobile Devices

When listening to music or streaming video on a tablet or phone, the correct earbuds can offer significant improvement in the enjoyment of the situation.  Frequently, when watching videos on a mobile device we are in public places, such as libraries or coffee shops, and the right combination of noise cancellation, volume, clarity, and bass are necessary to maintain a fully immersive experience with our media.  Additionally, it is important to find earbuds that fit your price range while still refusing to compromise on quality.  Here are some of the highest quality affordable earbuds for phones and tablets that can make any location a comfortable place for streaming or listening to music.


Sony MDR-XB50AP Earbuds

As Amazon’s Choice for “Best Earbuds,” these Sony earbuds are an excellent combination of low price and high quality.  These affordable wired earbuds come with silicone earpieces that fit comfortably and securely to cancel outside noise, and utilize neodymium magnets to enrich your media output.  Additionally, the MDR-XB50AP offers deep bass for high energy music or heart-pounding thrillers, presenting themselves as a great answer to which earbuds have the best bass.  With thousands of positive reviews, these earbuds are a great choice.

Top 4 Coolest Retro Gaming Accessories for Game Nights and Collecting

Top 4 Cool Retro Gaming Accessories for Game Nights and Collecting

Multiplayer party games like Smash Ultimate are always a great choice for game nights or weekend gatherings, and certainly fill a great role in your game library.  There are, however, a number of extremely unique retro games, specifically those with awesome accessories, that can surprise and delight players who may have only experienced these games in the distant past or not at all.  The nostalgia these games are capable of eliciting, in addition to the novelty, can create a superior experience for your family and your guests, one that is likely unavailable at other individuals’ homes.  Whatever your favorite retro gaming console, here are some great retro gaming accessories you can use to spice up your next epic gaming session.   


SEGA Dreamcast Fishing Controller

If the SEGA Dreamcast is your retro console of choice, one of the best gaming accessories for your collection is the Fishing Controller.  This responsive and sturdy controller will have guests eagerly waiting their turn on the game, and is a great gaming accessory for family game nights and younger children.  Additionally, this retro gaming controller is surprisingly affordable, and takes advantage of the inherent competition associated with fishing that will provide extensive replay value. 


Most Affordable Aromatherapy Vaporizers for Relaxation and Meditation

Most Affordable Aromatherapy Vaporizers for Relaxation and Meditation

High performance results in your gaming or workout sessions take a toll on your body, and in order to keep striking new personal bests and maintain consistent improvement you need to dedicate the requisite time and preparation to helping your body recover.  A number of strategies exist for post-workout recovery, but one that has become especially helpful and easy to execute is aromatherapy.  With an affordable aromatherapy diffuser, all natural essential oils can be vaporized to potentially aid in improving sleep, relaxation, and focus.  Here are some of the best aromatherapy diffusers that are inexpensive and reliable. 


VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

Small and compact, the VicTsing diffuser is convenient and unobtrusive while still sufficiently powerful.  This 150ml essential oil diffuser has three timer settings, including an auto-shut off feature, making it perfect for hassle free enjoyment and relaxation while meditating or engaging in other tasks.  The VicTsing diffuser also comes with 14 LED light settings, helping you control the mood not only with fragrant scents but also with a cool and calming color palette.  Complete with a wood finish to fit into virtually any décor, this diffuser helps realize the benefits of essential oils for an excellent price.


4 Best Magic: The Gathering Ravnica Allegiance Cards to Speculate on in 2019

4 Best Magic The Gathering Ravnica Allegiance Cards to Speculate on in 2019

The release of Ravnica Allegiance is close at hand, and the power level of this new set already seems insane.  Based on the MTG Allegiance spoilers published, a myriad of archetypes seem tournament playable, especially with the inclusion of the remaining shocklands like Blood Crypt and Breeding Pool.  Yet, there are cards that seem to stand out amongst the set that are poised for success without a price that currently reflects their impressive functionality.  These cards are excellent targets for speculation, not only for resale but also to ensure you have playsets of them for deck building early on in the season.  To get ahead of the curve, here are the top 4 MTG Allegiance cards to speculate on at the beginning of 2019.


Sphinx of Foresight

Massive early game advantages for free are inherently powerful in Magic: The Gathering, where resource allocation and tempo decides games, and Sphinx of Foresight is no exception.  Like Leyline of the Void and other historically powerful cards, Sphinx of Foresight allows you to reveal the card in your opening hand and, without any cost, rig the first three cards of your deck by scrying 3.  This means you can not only order the top three cards, but also put any number of those cards on the bottom of your deck if they are redundant or inferior in that particular match.  The applications for this are innumerable, as you can use this ability to fix your mana base, ensure land drops, gain access to early removal sooner than later, or even bottom all three cards to salvage a game that would have ended to early mana screw.  You can keep greedier starting hands that contain the Sphinx, and be more ambitious with your color combinations.  Moreover, Sphinx of Foresight is also a cost efficient 4/4 flyer for 4 mana that allows you to continuous card selection each upkeep, so drawing it late is fine too.

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