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5 Reasons to Order the Magic: The Gathering Ultimate Masters Set Before Christmas

5 Reasons to Order the Magic The Gathering Ultimate Masters Set Before Christmas

The latest Masters Set from Wizards includes many of the excellent legacy, modern, and commander cards the community has come to expect from such a release; however, Ultimate Masters comes with some added bonuses.  Due to a number of specific situational occurrences, Ultimate Masters could end up being the most valuable of the specialty sets, if the purchase is timed well.  Here are five reasons why buying a box of Ultimate Masters before the end of the year could be an incredibly lucrative decision. 


Last Masters Set

Wizards has not released a great deal of information about the future of the Masters sets, however they have explicitly declared that Ultimate Masters will be the last of its kind for the foreseeable future.  With this in mind, the designers for this set not only were purposeful in their decision to overload this set with value, but also created a sense of scarcity among collectors.  With an unknown period of time without a Masters set looming ahead, Ultimate Masters will likely be in high demand.


Epic High-End Arcade Fight Stick for Consoles and PC

Epic High-end arcade fight stick for consoles and PC

With a number of great fighting game titles recently launching, the discussion regarding arcade sticks has come back into full force, especially in regards to newer consoles.  For those looking for a competitive edge, arcade fight sticks can provide a level of precision and customization that regular controllers cannot, and although an arcade stick has a high learning curve, many find that the hand positions are more natural for fighting games when utilizing an arcade stick.  There are a number of different options available for arcade sticks, but for those looking for high quality controllers, and who are looking to spend more to acquire top-end hardware, this article focuses on excellent arcade fight sticks that are quite expensive but exceptionally made.  Whether you’re looking for a specific console or to ladder on PC, this article will help you make the selection that best fits your needs.


Fighting Edge Arcade Stick for Playstation 4

This arcade stick is officially licensed by Sony from the legendary controller manufacturer Hori, making it one of the best for the system.  The Fighting Edge comes stock with Hori’s proprietary Hayabusa buttons and joystick, both of which are specifically designed to optimize inputs for fighting games.  The joystick, for example, has been engineered to increase responsiveness vastly superior to that of a regular controller’s D-pad, while the buttons are beveled to reduce the physical distance needed to engage the switch itself.  The increase in precision and speed with the joystick and buttons respectively makes this stick exceptional for PS4 titles, and is also adaptable for PC.


Most Popular Handheld Gaming Consoles for 2018

Most Popular Handheld Gaming Consoles for 2018

The obvious benefit of handheld gaming is that these consoles offer mobility and portability unmatched in traditional consoles.  However, handhelds have become so sophisticated that many transcend the traditional expectations of what a console that fits in our pocket ought to do.  Handhelds are still great for bus rides and down time in between class, but are now also capable of a myriad of other functionalities, including television display, in-person cooperative play, and expandability.  In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular handheld gaming consoles for 2018 and discuss the awesome features these devices possess.


Nintendo Switch

As we discussed in our previous article in regards to Super Mario Party, the Nintendo Switch is an impressive console that has improved dramatically on features its predecessors pioneered.  The Switch, however, is also a handheld console, seamlessly transitioning from television display to utilizing a portable screen.  Perhaps even more impressive is the capability the controllers provide; although you can use the Switch like a regular handheld console, holding each side with both hands and gaming as a single player, the Joy-Cons can be removed from the base system itself and distributed to more than one player, enabling cooperative play from the handheld device itself.  This innovated feature, in addition to others, has elevated the Switch to be one of the best handheld devices on the year.


Magic the Gathering Standard: The Pros and Cons of Jeskai Control in Guilds of Ravnica

Magic the Gathering Standard pros and cons of Jeskai Control in Guilds of ravnica 

As the meta settles down, and decks become less varied and more predictable, the control archetype is empowered to offer answers in a consistent and devastating way.  In Guilds of Ravnica standard, this role is primarily filled by Jeskai Control, a star-spangled-slaughter of effective removal, efficient counterspells, and the best planeswalker in recent memory.  The deck is definitely powerful, and has had a number of excellent performances in recent competitive tournaments, but there are drawbacks that need to be carefully considered before rushing into this complicated deck.  In this article, both the pros and the cons of Jeskai Control are considered to help in deck selection for both casual and competitive play.


The Deck

Unlike the Esper Control from the previous rotation, Jeskai controls the game while maintaining legitimate win conditions that don’t involve your opponent conceding the match.  On the low end of the curve, cards like Syncopate and Distainful Stroke keep your opponent locked out of early spells, while Seal Away and Shock help remove the creatures that fall through the cracks.  After trading 1 for 1 with your opponent for a handful of turns, the deck utilizes draw spells and a flipped Search for Azcanta to slowly gain a card advantage.  Finally, after ensuring consistent land-drops for numerous turns, Teferi resolves with counter backup or board wipes for protection, finishing your opponent with an Explosion//Expansion for an unreasonable value of X.  Competitive decks have shown a large diversity in card selection to fill these roles, but there are a number of staples, including the newest Guilds additions of Deafening Clarion, Chemister’s Insight and, of course, Expansion//Explosion.


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