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Best Affordable Computer Speakers for 2018

best affordable computer speakers 2018

Whether you’re looking for audio queues to get a competitive edge, or just looking to enjoy the aesthetics of a game’s music, speakers can be an important part of a gamer’s setup.  As discussed in our previous article, headphones can be a great option for those with roommates or computers in high traffic areas, but for some speakers still produce the best overall sound and immersion.  Additionally, headphones can be uncomfortable after long hours of gaming, so speakers can offer a great alternative.  If you’re looking for cheap speakers that still have great quality, these products can help you round out the 2018 shopping season as we move into the new year.


Logitech Z200

These simple and affordable speakers accomplish everything an audio load out ought to without unnecessary features.  The sound produced by the Logitech Z200 has depth and volume, and will provide excellent accompaniment to the enjoyment of a myriad of media.  The Z200 also allows you to play audio from multiple devices simultaneously, a feature that is useful for streaming and for entertaining guests.  Although the Z200 does not include a subwoofer, the hardware is capable of producing excellent bass, and has easily accessible controls.  With a range of features at a low price, these affordable computer speakers are an excellent choice.


Best Cheap Dumbbell Sets for your Home Gym

best cheap dumbbell set for your home gym

Catalyst nootropic powders are great for long hours of gaming, but our powders are also perfect for pre-workouts in preparation for going to the gym or working out at home.  When trying to make a fitness routine more accessible, buying a cheap dumbbell set for your home can remove a barrier to regular work outs and improve overall health.  With a number of affordable quality dumbbell sets available, it’s easy to turn any room in your home into a small home gym so that you can be more successful in your workout routine.


Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

This dumbbell set represents a fantastic intersection of quality and price.  The Yes4All dumbbells are a high quality weight set, with cast iron weight plates and a ridged, no slip chrome handle.  Additionally, this affordable dumbbell set has heavy, star lock collars to keep weight plates from shifting during workouts.  This weight set is also designed for quick construction and breakdown, improving efficiency and making you more likely to keep your New Year’s resolution to work out more.  With a variety of weight options this cheap dumbbell set is versatile and flexible, addressing a variety of workout needs at a reasonable price.


Best Video Game Soundtracks Part 4: the 2010s

 Best Video Game Soundtracks Part 4- the 2010s

The most recent decade of video game music is one defined by contradictions and idiosyncrasies, where game developers, empowered by the latest technology and emboldened by the progress made in the decades before, have categorically refused to compromise on their own vision of what a game soundtrack ought to look like.  The result is a collection of soundtracks that are contemporaneous, yet completely different in their styles and content.  This also reflects the diversity in the games themselves, as the advent of steam, and the unprecedented success of games like Minecraft, made space in the industry for a flurry of independent games.  In this article, the final installment in our four-part series, we discuss the best video game soundtracks from the last eight years and observe the incredible variety of video game music that the 2010s brought to the industry. 


4 Reasons Izzet Drakes is the Best Deck in Standard for Magic: The Gathering

4 Reasons Izzet Drakes is the Best Deck in Standard for Magic the gathering

Although The Guilds of Ravnica standard season is wrapping up, there is still more magic to be played before the release of Ravnica Allegiance, especially for MTG Arena ladder grind.  If you’re interested in learning how to win in standard for the remaining portion of the current meta, then you’ll likely want to learn Izzet Drakes.  With a combination of cheap spells, recursion, and one of the best creatures printed in years, Izzet Drakes makes a strong argument for the best deck in standard.  Here are four reasons you should be playing Arclight Phoenix in any remaining competitive, or casual, magic tournament left in the current standard meta.


Insane Threats

In a previous article at the beginning of the season, the top cards of Guilds of Ravnica were predicted to focus mostly on Golgari, which has been a strong deck and for many is still a contender for the best deck in standard.  In hindsight, however, Arclight Phoenix and Niv-Mizzet should have found their way on to that list, and this deck gets to play both.  Izzet Drakes decks tend to also run a large number of Crackling Drake, which aren’t particularly strong by themselves but synergize incredibly well with the rest of the deck, providing yet another win condition for this powerhouse deck.  With such a stacked lineup, this is definitely a standard MTG deck you should consider playing.


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