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High Performance Sleep Technology for Quality Sleep and Superior Health

High Performance Sleep Technology for Quality Sleep and Superior Health

With nearly one third of our lives spent in various stages of sleep, an advantage that can be gained with new sleep technology is frequently worth investigating.  These developments can occur in a variety of spaces, including mattresses, blankets, and even sheets.  To help make your sleep as restorative as possible, here are some of the latest smart sleep technology products that can enhance overall health and fitness and improve the quality of your sleep. 


Withings Sleep Tracking Pad

An incredible new development in sleep technology, the Withings Sleep Tracking Pad is a data collection device that empowers progress in sleep behaviors.  This smart sleep technology tracks a myriad of sleep quality indicators, including sleep cycles and heartrate, and is sufficiently sophisticated to detect snoring.  With this data, Withings’ app develops a quantified score to measure quality of sleep over time, considering factors such as sleep duration, impact of sleep, and the time required to fall asleep.  The app also offers a personalized sleep coach to guide you towards substantial sleep improvements.  Additionally, this smart sleep tracking pad can be integrated into other automated home systems, including Alexa, allowing you to create a predictable routine of smart home adjustments in temperature and lighting.  With a low price tag and virtually no set up, the Withings sleep tracking pad is one of the best smart sleep technologies available, and can lead to unbelievable improvements in overall health. 


Is Arclight Phoenix Worth Playing in Standard? A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Is Arclight Phoenix Worth Playing in Standard A Cost-Benefit Analysis

As discussed in our previous article, variants of Izzet Drakes have been among the best MTG standard decks since the major rotation last year.  Several deck lists that make use of Drakes synergy have made it to the Top 8 in a variety of tournaments, some even splashing into Temur colors for Hydroid Krasis.  The value of Arclight Phoenix in this archetype, however, is still debated, as the inclusion of the card fell out of favor, only to re-appear in a recent SCG Classic.  In this article we address both the costs and benefits to this exceptional card, helping you decide whether Arclight Phoenix is right for your next Standard Showdown deck or MTG Arena grind. 


Pro- Undeniable Power

To begin the discussion, it is important to keep in mind that, other considerations aside, Arclight Phoenix is an incredibly powerful card.  With 3 power, haste, evasion, recursion, and an alternate casting condition, this creature exceeds the expectations of an excellent aggro spell, and in a vacuum seems almost unhealthy for the format.  The raw kill potential of this card is certainly high, and that may be sufficient to include it in your deck.

The Best Magic: The Gathering Standard Decks Spotlight: Mardu Vampires

The Best Magic The Gathering Standard Decks Spotlight  Mardu Vampires

In the most recent Mythic Championship, a dark horse deck placed very well at 9th place.  This Mardu Vampires deck, piloted by Joe Soh, is a critical mass aggro deck that goes wide and gets big before your opponent can properly address the threats you’ve resolved.  Although not previously considered to be exceptional, the success of this deck shows us that Mardu Vampires could be one of the best standard MTG decks in the format either in its current form or with some adjustments.  In this article, we take a look at what makes this deck so powerful and where Mardu Vampires might go from here. 


Two-For-One Strategy

Similar to the Azorious Aggro deck that has consistently been one of the top MTG decks in standard, Mardu Vampires achieves a valuable doubling of strategies as it attempts to put your opponent at zero life.  First, the deck floods the board with a large number of cheap creatures, playing cards like Duskborne Skymarcher, Skymarcher Aspirant, and Vicious Conquistador that have evasion or alternative ways of pinging damage.  The deck also generates tokens with Legion’s Landing and Mavren Fein to further go wide and swarm around midrange decks that try to stall with individual creatures, or aggro decks whose creatures are poorly situated on the defense.  As the Mardu Vampires deck generates an army of small creatures, however, it simultaneously gains critical mass by playing cards that provide benefits per creature.  Thus, cards like Judith and Legion Lieutenant that provide additional power and/or toughness to each creature become more valuable as the total number of creatures increases.  This two-tiered strategy is excellent against targeted removal like Mortify, and can easily play around board wipes by establishing a winning board state and forcing out Kaya’s Wrath on only two or three inexpensive creatures. 

Awesome FFTCG and Magic: The Gathering Deck Boxes Under 15 Dollars

Awesome FFTCG and Magic The Gathering Deck Boxes Under 15 Dollars

Transporting cards from home to a local game store or out of town tournament can put cards at risk of damage from a variety of sources.  Protecting those cards with a deck box is an excellent way to avoid these potential hazards; however several of these products can be prohibitively expensive for some.  Luckily, there are a number of affordable deck boxes that still maintain a high standard for quality and longevity.  Here are some great MTG and FFTCG deck boxes that are priced under 15 dollars. 


LX Deck Case

The LX Deck Case offers an effective and straightforward way of transporting and storing an individual deck.  Sturdy and reliable, this deck box is wrapped in a stitched leatherette material, and locks into place with a powerful magnetic lid.  In terms of capacity, the LX deck box can accommodate up to 80 sleeved cards, the perfect size for an MTG deck box holding 75 cards for a traditional main deck and sideboard.  Although you’ll be a tad short on space for your Battle of Wits deck, this deck box is an excellent choice for single-deck needs, and with the lowest price on this list is one of the best cheap MTG deck boxes available.


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