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Magic the Gathering Standard: The Pros and Cons of Jeskai Control in Guilds of Ravnica

Magic the Gathering Standard pros and cons of Jeskai Control in Guilds of ravnica 

As the meta settles down, and decks become less varied and more predictable, the control archetype is empowered to offer answers in a consistent and devastating way.  In Guilds of Ravnica standard, this role is primarily filled by Jeskai Control, a star-spangled-slaughter of effective removal, efficient counterspells, and the best planeswalker in recent memory.  The deck is definitely powerful, and has had a number of excellent performances in recent competitive tournaments, but there are drawbacks that need to be carefully considered before rushing into this complicated deck.  In this article, both the pros and the cons of Jeskai Control are considered to help in deck selection for both casual and competitive play.


The Deck

Unlike the Esper Control from the previous rotation, Jeskai controls the game while maintaining legitimate win conditions that don’t involve your opponent conceding the match.  On the low end of the curve, cards like Syncopate and Distainful Stroke keep your opponent locked out of early spells, while Seal Away and Shock help remove the creatures that fall through the cracks.  After trading 1 for 1 with your opponent for a handful of turns, the deck utilizes draw spells and a flipped Search for Azcanta to slowly gain a card advantage.  Finally, after ensuring consistent land-drops for numerous turns, Teferi resolves with counter backup or board wipes for protection, finishing your opponent with an Explosion//Expansion for an unreasonable value of X.  Competitive decks have shown a large diversity in card selection to fill these roles, but there are a number of staples, including the newest Guilds additions of Deafening Clarion, Chemister’s Insight and, of course, Expansion//Explosion.


4 Reasons to Buy a Neo Geo Mini Before the End of 2018

4 reasons to buy a neo geo before the end of 2018

In line with the recent wave of mini retro consoles, the Neo Geo Mini International brings gaming nostalgia to consumers with an all-in-one package of 40 classic Neo Geo games.  For those who are wondering if they should buy the Neo Geo Mini, Black Friday is approaching, so now is an amazing time to purchase the Neo Geo Mini before stock runs out. This console, however, provides even more novelty than its Nintendo counterparts, as the Neo Geo Mini is a self-contained miniature arcade cabinet, complete with a joystick, buttons, and a 3.5” inch LCD screen, all of which is fully functional and intended for actual play.  This quirky, awesome product is unique in a number of ways, and, although it’s a bit expensive, seems worth the price tag.  Here are four reasons to buy a Neo Geo mini before the end of the year.



Novelty items have a tendency to go through limited runs with high demand, and frequently the manufacturers run out of stock.  The Neo Geo Mini has both these qualities, and, like other miniature retro game consoles, availability could soon be an issue.  Picking up one before the end of the year helps avoid long waits for an item that you want, and also helps dodge the inevitable Christmas surge, which will further dilute inventory.


What to Expect from Amazon’s Black Friday Deals 2018

 What to Expect from Amazons black friday deals 2018

The Black Friday shopping season is officially underway, as a number of retailers, including Amazon, begin to discount products and hint at future deals.  Although we do not currently have enough information to confirm all the predictions from our previous article, we can provide a more complete image of what the Black Friday experience will look like.  Individual products aside, these details will help set expectations for Black Friday shopping on Amazon this year and will guide you through some early decision making building up to the final day of deals.


Free Shipping

To help start the festivities, Amazon is providing free shipping on all products throughout the holiday season with no minimum purchase amount, a couple of caveats notwithstanding.  First, this is only for products shipped within the U.S., so remain aware of the implications of your international orders.  Second, this free shipping is 5-8 business days, so if the product is time-sensitive, as a gift or a relevant holiday product, for example, then you may still need a quicker shipping option.  Additionally, Amazon Prime members will have access to free same-day shipping on a number of items, as well as the usual 2-day shipping option.  If you do not already have Prime, you can sign up for a free membership trial to utilize the benefits for Black Friday and Christmas shopping.


Turkey Deals

One oddly specific deal that has been announced is a reduction in price on organic turkeys.  All customers can acquire organic Thanksgiving turkeys at $3.49/lb, while Prime members receive an additional 50 cent discount per pound.  Prime members also get more general discounts at Whole Foods, including saving $20.  Although food is not a traditional Black Friday or Cyber Monday product, saving money on your Thanksgiving dinner will transitively improve your deals in the days that follow. 


Lightning Deals

During the countdown to the major event itself, Amazon has made available a number of rotating deals that will continue through the 23rd.  True to their name, these lightning deals are available without warning and last only until the designated stock is purchased.  Lightning deals can affect a myriad of items, ranging from an N Seat PRO Gaming Chair to external hard drives, but give some indication of deals that are coming up in the near future.  Make sure to click the “watch” button to keep an eye on developing deals.  Also, Prime members get access to certain deals early, which functions as an additional benefit to getting a Prime membership if you do not already have one.


Future Deals

Although it is impossible to identify all the awesome deals that Amazon will make available for Black Friday, there are a few that seem to be all but confirmed.  The Fire HD 10 Tablet is a product, for example, that is extremely likely to have a substantial discount at some point building up to Black Friday itself.  Likewise, as predicted there is a TCL 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV for a substantial discount at the time of writing this article.  Additionally, a great deal of speculation is circling around deals involving a number of different Fire Sticks, which could become available at any time.  With specific products like these, deals may also be limited by availability, so be sure to check them frequently.


Overall, our Amazon Black Friday deals predictions still stand, and although we missed the turkey in our discount forecast, you can be fairly sure that the Amazon branded products, such as Fire Sticks and Echo, will be available for deals.  Just make sure to keep a close eye on price breaks that are time sensitive or limited by quantity, and definitely grab a Prime membership to maximize savings and convenience.  Tell us about the awesome deals you’ve sniped in the comments below!

Best Cheap USB Gaming Controllers for PC Desktops and Laptops

Awesome Cheap USB Gaming Controllers

With the newly released Soulcalibur VI, and its online ladder system, many players have been excited about the prospect of playing fighting games on the PC where they can more easily manage their streams and YouTube recordings.  A potential problem with playing a competitive fighting game on PC lies in the need for a new controller; however there are great options available.  With the presence of quality third party controllers, there are a number of great options that are both reliable and inexpensive, all of which will enable you to play competitive fighting games on the platform of your choice.


ZD-V+ USB Wired Gaming Controller

The ZD-V+ is a no frills controller that will perform consistently over time.  Styled like the PlayStation controllers, the familiar shape of the upper-left D-pad with two joysticks is perfect for quick inputs utilized in fighting games.  The ZD-V+ is also a Plug and Play controller, ready for use immediately, and compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.  Additionally, this controller can be used for playing games through Steam, which, although not relevant to many of the competitive fighting games, can definitely be an added benefit for those interested in playing other games with a traditional console controller.  As Amazon’s Choice for PC game controllers, this controller has maintained a 4 star review from over a thousand customers, and definitely offers a great deal of quality for the price.


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