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Simplest and Most Affordable Editing Software for Gamers and YouTube Content Creators

Best Video Editing Software for Youtubers

If you’re the type of person who wants to start creating gaming videos for sites like YouTube, in addition to recording hardware like capture cards, you’ll also be needing some great video editing software. There’s a lot of video editing software to choose from out there, but don’t pay for things you don’t need. Many of the high-end video editing software come with tools you honestly won’t be employing if you’re just making gaming videos for YouTube. The list below contains the best practical and simple video editing software for gaming YouTubers - products which get you the best value for your money.

Sony Vegas Pro

Is Sony Vegas Pro worth the price? Sony Vegas Pro is definitely the most expensive software on this list, and it may go somewhat beyond what you would need for gaming videos, but it also offers a lot of flexibility and user support that other programs don’t. It has both Standard and Advanced editing modes, depending on your needs. You also don’t need any special hardware to run it, because it is compatible with any Windows platform. It comes with build in video tutorials to help you learn editing tips and tricks, as well as a 30-day free trial. There are some features in the advanced version that may not see much use, but its level of control and customization make it worth it.

Best Co-Op Survival & Zombie Games to Stream with Friends

Best Co-Op Survival and Zombie Video Games

Co-op games are always popular to play and to watch. While there are plenty of single player games out there, the social aspect of games can’t be ignored, especially if you want to become popular on Twitch or YouTube. There’s just something much more compelling about experiencing a game with a friend at your side. Playing cooperatively also adds to the fear and horror elements of survival and zombie games by increasing realism and immersion. Here are some of the greatest co-op games to play with friends. Many of them involve zombies, though not all of them do. Either way, your success at these games will be dependent upon how well you and your friends work together to survive.

Power Napping For More Energy: A Look at Biphasic and Polyphasic Sleeping

biphasic vs Polyphasic sleeping

Most people sleep seven to eight hours a night. This “monophasic” sleep pattern is the norm for most people, but it isn’t the only way to sleep. There are also “biphasic” and even “polyphasic” sleeping schedules you may wish to investigate if you would like more time in your day for video games or for anything else.

The idea behind biphasic and polyphasic sleep is that instead of sleeping in one long block of time, you break up your sleep and take naps throughout the day. Very frequently people who use a biphasic sleep schedule (characterized by two 3 hour chunks of sleep time with a couple hours of awake time in between) or one of the many polyphasic sleep schedules (one example is the “Uberman” schedule, characterized by 30 minute naps every few hours), report that they need less sleep to get through the day than when they used as monophasic sleep schedule.

Best Mechanical Keyboards for Improving Gaming Performance and APM

Best Mechanical Keyboards

We previously wrote about the best gaming mice to improve APM. Now, we want to discuss how mechanical gaming keyboards can boost your APM, improve gaming performance, and most importantly, provide you with an extremely satisfying clicking noise while typing. If you play competitively, you’ll no doubt want to get a superior keyboard to give you superior performance. To that end, look for mechanical keyboards that are specialized for gaming. The following list highlights the mechanical keyboards that will give you the best possible performance, whether you are playing an MMO, FPS, RTS, or MOBA. Linear keyboards and mechanical switches will help you hit keys more accurately, and push your fingers back up after a click, leading to faster typing and improved APM.

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