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The #CatalystVault is Officially Live

Catalyst Vault 06

We recently released a sneak peek at one of the biggest endeavors we've ever taken on to give even more to our sponsored gamers, and we're proud to say that this incredible new project is ready! The Catalyst Vault is an interactive new way for sponsored gamers to gain additional perks, prizes and rewards with their sponsorship account simply by logging in and being an awesome part of the Catalyst Masterminds.

Empire Arcadia Sets New Record for Tetris Ultimate Wins in 24 Hours

Legendary eSports team Empire Arcadia has set another record to go alongside their long list of accolades. Isaiah "Triforce" Johnson has set another world first, beating Tetribot 614 times in an incredible 24-hour stream of Tetris Ultimate. Empire Arcadia and 8-Way Run have recorded the entire endeavor which can be found on YouTube.


What Are The Best Mics for Streaming and Gaming?



Top Microphones for Twitch & YouTube Streaming

We mentioned prioritizing audio quality in our “How to Get More Twitch Viewers” guide, but didn't go into depth on which products would be most beneficial to achieving that goal. In this article, we'll talk about the best microphones for game streaming (on and for making YouTube videos. These microphones are picked primarily for Let's Play style gaming, for voice-over, or for live streams.


The Vault Is Coming Soon... Catalyst Sponsorships Get Even Better

If you have been following us on Twitter, you may have seen some recent tweets regarding some big changes that we're implementing into our sponsorship program. We're proud to make the announcement that the incredible new feature, The Vault, is coming very soon. We're here to give you the rundown on what this means and how The Vault will change how you see sponsorships forever.

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