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Cheap and Affordable Folding Tabletop Gaming Tables in 2019

Cheap and Affordable Folding Tabletop Gaming Tables in 2019

Tabletop gaming can require significant open space, both for numerous players and game materials, and frequently existing kitchen furniture cannot accommodate these demands.  Location can also pose problems, as many homes have kitchens or dining rooms that are separate from living rooms, resulting in unwanted distance from other game night activities.  Having an affordable and reliable folding card table at your disposal can be a quick and easy solution to this problem, allowing you to rapidly transform any room into a game room.  Additionally, fold out card tables are perfect for setting up outdoor gaming spaces on patios and porches.  Here are some of the best cheap folding tables for 2019.


Flash Furniture Square Folding Table

As “Amazon’s Choice” for card table products, this folding gaming table is cheap and effective.  With a 34in x 34in gaming space, and a 220 pound weight capacity, this table easily allows for four players and most game materials.  The table is also square, allowing equal distance for each player, which is ideal for games where players operate in the same capacity such as Coup.  Although perhaps not large enough to fit sprawling game states that occur in Magic: The Gathering Commander play or complicated games of D&D, this folding gaming table is the least expensive and most straightforward on this list.


Best High-End Laptops for Gaming and 4K Streaming for 2019

Best High-End Laptops for Gaming and 4K Streaming for 2019

If you’re looking to get set up for the New Year, you can drastically improve your gaming and streaming capabilities with a high-end laptop for 2019.  With updated hardware, a laptop can transform from a portable word processor to a powerful machine, and can function just as well as most desktops.  These high performance laptops keep streaming and gaming portable, allowing access to great entertainment from a myriad of locations.  Whether you’re climbing MTG Arena ladder in between classes, or finally watching Birdbox on the long train ride home, an epic high-end laptop for gaming and streaming will help start 2019 the right way. 


ASUS VivoBook Pro

Although the VivoBook Pro be but little, it is fierce.  Despite boasting an impressive 17.3 inch monitor display, this full HD laptop weighs only 4.6 pounds, and is less than an inch thick.  Packed into such a slight space is the latest i7 1.8GHz processor from Intel, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with 4GB of RAM directly on the card.  Additionally, the VivoBook Pro comes with 16GB DDR4 RAM, with the capability of holding up to 32GB, making it not only fully equipped to handle gaming currently but also future-proof to account for more demanding games released at a later date.  Beyond raw power, the VivoBook is sleek and aesthetically pleasing, with a backlit keyboard and grey-on-black color scheme, and accommodates a myriad of devices, such as headphones, HDMI, and multiple USB ports.  Ultimately, the ultra-thin and super lightweight VivoBook Pro is one of the most portable gaming laptops available.


5 Reasons why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is perfect for Family Game Nights

5 Reasons why Super Smash Bros Ultimate is perfect for Family Game Nights

The latest installment in the Super Smash Bros. franchise is, arguably, one of its best, combining a myriad of features from the previous games with excellent new content.  The game can be played online, and certainly will develop a more competitive following, but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch truly shines as a multiplayer party game in casual or family-friendly settings.  With bright colors, fast-paced gameplay, and short bursts of intensity, this is a title that excels at captivating and incorporating a large number of players with minimal set up and time investment.  If you’re looking for an awesome game to entertain guests or family members of varying ages, here are five reasons why Smash Ultimate is one of the best casual party games available.


Low Barrier to Entry

Starting with the original game for the Nintendo 64, Super Smash Bros. has always been a series that utilizes simple controls and intuitive inputs.  Although countless hours of practice will still make you significantly better than your guests, Smash Ultimate enables virtually anyone to jump straight into a game with few initial instructions.  Additionally, a plethora of game-changing options introduces a great deal of chaos that creates equalizing effect.  From younger children to visiting grandparents, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a casual and straightforward addition to family game nights for all potential participants. 


Most Affordable Laptop Stands for a Versatile Workspace

Most Affordable Laptop Stands for a Versatile Workspace

Sitting for long hours while gaming or streaming can cause neck and back strain, leading to less productivity and poor performance.  This is especially true when using laptops, which generally have smaller screens and keyboards, and force the user into awkward and stressful positions.  A laptop stand can alleviate this problem, elevating the laptop to eye level and making the keyboard more accessible.  Additionally, having a laptop stand for a bed or sofa allows hands-free streaming and browsing that avoids neck discomfort while lying down.  Laptops stands can also be used as a mobile standing desk, turning your office into a flexible workspace that improves circulation and overall health.  Complete with a reasonable price tag, these affordable laptop stands offer a myriad of benefits well worth their cost.


AmazonBasics Laptop Lift Stand

As is true of most AmazonBasics items, this laptop lift stand is an excellent value for those looking for adjustable laptop stands.  With this stand, the mounted laptop can be lifted, tilted, and turned to accommodate virtually any position required for comfort.  Further, this laptop stand is secure and robust, equipped with clamps to hold the laptop in place and a base sufficiently sturdy to hold up to 11 pounds.  Although the AmazonBasics stand does not include fans, the platform does have openings to encourage airflow, and sits up to 9 inches above the desk to ensure the vents are not blocked.  Rigid and reliable, this affordable laptop stand is all business, providing functionality without unwanted features. 


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