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4 Predictions for Black Friday Deals on Amazon 2018

4 Predictions for Black Friday Deals on Amazon 2018

Black Friday, and the subsequent Cyber Monday, can be some of the best deal days out of the year, allowing you to grab a product you’ve been keeping an eye on for a significantly reduced price.  The key to taking full advantage of Black Friday though is to come prepared, not only by already having your Amazon Prime account set up, but also by anticipating what products will go on sale so that you can efficiently move through the deals to acquire the products you need.  Here are four predictions to help you optimize your way through Black Friday sales on Amazon.


Amazon Echo

With the advent of the second generation Echo, there’s a high likelihood that Amazon will be marking these down to move volume during Black Friday.  The new Echo still integrates the Alexa voice recognition with calls, music, and media libraries as the older version did, but now improves upon sound quality and design.  Additionally, Amazon might put the all new Echo Plus on sale during Black Friday, which improves upon the Echo by adding a smart home hub to connect and manage all the smart appliances in your home.  Either way, some variant of an Echo sale is likely this November. 

Top 3 Magic: The Gathering Cards in Guilds of Ravnica

Top 3 Magic The Gathering Cards in Guilds of Ravnica

Now that Guilds of Ravnica is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about constructed play.  Although Guilds brought us a number of very powerful cards, or cards that currently seem mediocre but have incredible potential, it can be difficult to know where to begin with deck brewing and to know which cards are of sufficient quality to build around.  This article discusses the three best cards from Guilds of Ravnica for the standard format, in no particular order, and suggests some effective ways to build decks that incorporate these cards.  If you’re looking for a starting point for deck creation in new standard, or you’re just looking for powerful cards to include in existing archetypes, these three cards offer an incredible opportunity to help fill the power vacuum of the cycling sets.


Pelt Collector

In many ways, Pelt Collector could be a format defining card, serving both as a creature that compliments other mechanics and also as the backbone of a deck itself.  As a 1/1 for only one mana, Pelt Collector is an efficiently costed creature with a huge upside; the creature comes down early and continues to scale into the late game, receiving a +1/+1 counter each time a creature comes into play under your control that has higher power than Pelt Collector.  What makes this card extraordinary, however, is the fact that it also gets a counter if a creature you control with power greater than Pelt Collector dies, meaning that even if you draw and play Pelt Collector after you’ve casted a number of other creatures, it still has the potential to grow rapidly.  As though it needed more abilities, Pelt Collector also gains trample as long as it has three or more counters.  The overall value of this card is hard to overstate, and it could conceivably go in a number of different decks.  The most obvious home for Pelt Collector is a mono-green aggro deck that would love to play Pelt Collector turn one to put on early pressure and would not be disappointed to draw it late.  Additionally, a slower black-green deck might use Pelt Collector to gain additional benefits from sacrificing creatures, but also have the option of putting early pressure on slower decks.  In any case, Pelt Collector represents insane value for its cost, and as long as you can keep it away from the vicious weaponry of Chainwhirler it can easily win games by itself.


E-Readers: No Longer Bad for Eyes or Sleep

E-Readers- No Longer Bad for Eyes or Sleep

Over the years there has existed a debate regarding the effects on e-readers on sleep and eye strain, a debate that is no longer relevant for a number of reasons.  Although many consumers still wonder if e-readers disturb sleep or have a negative effect on their eyes, what they fail to recognize is that there are specific devices that address the underlying problems associated with eye-strain and sleep disruption in a way that computer screens, or even tablets, do not.  This article will help dispel some of the myths associated with e-readers, and move into a discussion of which e-readers are available to address certain issues that arise when using digital devices for extended periods of time.


The Initial Problem

It has long been known that extended viewing of computer screens can cause eye-strain, and several solutions have been developed for this problem.  Yet, with e-readers, the concern was the amount of time viewing a backlit device was increased, in addition to the intensity of viewing a device specifically for reading text as opposed to moving your vision around an entire monitor for the purposes of playing a video game.  Further, e-readers originally emitted blue light that could disrupt the regular sleep cycles of some people, as it simulates sunlight and can cause individuals to thus feel more awake.  This, combined with the fact that many people enjoy reading right before bed as an activity that helps them fall asleep, caused concern about the effects e-readers would have on eye-strain and sleep.

Tablets for Kids: Cheap and Safe Gaming Entertainment Devices

Tablets for Kids-  Cheap and Safe Gaming Entertainment Devices

In a digital age, it is increasingly important that children develop technological literacy at a young age, not only because games and digital entertainment are fun and exciting, even for adults, but also because their ability to competently utilize digital technologies will help them navigate the world when they’re older.  It is important, however, to make sure the devices that children are given are age appropriate and have access to the right content.  This article discusses tablets specifically designed for children, giving you a way to cheaply entertain your child while providing them with a safe space to develop an understanding of the latest technology available. 


Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

This tablet provides a number of great resources for a child while also keeping in mind the specific needs of a device used by an individual who is not an adult.  As far as the technical specifications are concerned, this tablet is just as powerful as any tablet for adults; the Fire HD 8 has an exceptional 8” inch HD display, a 12 hour battery life, and a sizable 32 GB hard drive to accommodate a large selection of digital media.  More importantly though, the Kids Edition is designed to both protect this hardware and your child’s usage of the device, providing everything from a rugged kid-proof case, to a 2 year warranty, to expansive parental controls to govern the content your child has access to.  Further, this tablet comes with a year-long subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, allowing your child to view age appropriate entertainment and educational content.  Although a bit more expensive than the other devices discussed, the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is an exceptional tablet for kids.


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