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4 Reasons Izzet Drakes is the Best Deck in Standard for Magic: The Gathering

4 Reasons Izzet Drakes is the Best Deck in Standard for Magic the gathering

Although The Guilds of Ravnica standard season is wrapping up, there is still more magic to be played before the release of Ravnica Allegiance, especially for MTG Arena ladder grind.  If you’re interested in learning how to win in standard for the remaining portion of the current meta, then you’ll likely want to learn Izzet Drakes.  With a combination of cheap spells, recursion, and one of the best creatures printed in years, Izzet Drakes makes a strong argument for the best deck in standard.  Here are four reasons you should be playing Arclight Phoenix in any remaining competitive, or casual, magic tournament left in the current standard meta.


Insane Threats

In a previous article at the beginning of the season, the top cards of Guilds of Ravnica were predicted to focus mostly on Golgari, which has been a strong deck and for many is still a contender for the best deck in standard.  In hindsight, however, Arclight Phoenix and Niv-Mizzet should have found their way on to that list, and this deck gets to play both.  Izzet Drakes decks tend to also run a large number of Crackling Drake, which aren’t particularly strong by themselves but synergize incredibly well with the rest of the deck, providing yet another win condition for this powerhouse deck.  With such a stacked lineup, this is definitely a standard MTG deck you should consider playing.


Elevate your Gaming Experience with a High-end 4K Monitor

 Elevate your Gaming Experience with a High end 4k monitors

In many ways, when it comes to gaming monitors, the future is upon us.  4K ultra high-definition displays are not only available to the average consumer for a price that is, although more expensive than a regular 1080p monitor, still reasonable enough, but also function as a way of further future-proofing your gaming set up.  Processors and GPUs are certainly an effective way to improve performance, but a 4K monitor will accentuate that performance and produce the gaming experience that you always knew your hardware was capable of. 


Larger Displays

1080p resolution monitors were, and continue to be, fantastic for smaller displays.  24” inch computer screens do well with regular high definition, and show few signs of a lack in quality.  However, larger monitors will begin to show pixilation, even as soon as 28” inches, which can distract from your gaming or streaming experience.  Ultra high-definition enables monitors to increase in size exponentially, allowing for awe-inspiring configurations with extremely large displays.  The LG 24UD58-B is an excellent example of this, boasting a 28” inch display that offers a superior gaming experience to 1080p screens.  Functional and straightforward, this LG 4K monitor is a high-end product very much within reach of an average gamer looking to improve their overall viewing experience, achieving a larger display without any of the pixilation you would see with regular high definition.

The Pros and Cons of Pokemon: Let’s Go for Nintendo Switch

The Pros and Cons of Pokemon lets go for nintendo switch

The latest installment of the Pokemon franchise has left many of us wondering whether the game is worth purchasing.  The game certainly offers a great deal to both older and younger fans alike, however there are certain aspects of the game that irk players who are used to a particular type of gaming experience.  This article addresses the excitement and the concerns surrounding Pokemon: Let’s Go, and evaluates who the game is most designed for.  We set out to determine if Pokemon: Let’s Go is worth buying.



Since the release of the original Pokemon Red and Blue some 22 years ago, almost every gamer has longed for the release of a 3D Pokemon game that further the immersion of the game with better animations and graphics.  Pokemon: Let’s Go truly delivers on this pipedream, giving audiences an opportunity to experience Pokemon in an entirely new light.  For those who have been playing Pokemon since the mid-1990s, Pokemon: Let’s Go offers an incredible nostalgic experience of reliving the classic Pokemon game with better visuals and stream-lined gameplay.  Even something as trivial as visiting a Pokemon Center or walking through grass is enjoyable with the stunning new design and movement, and the actual battles, with wonderfully animated abilities, are delightful.  Indeed, one of the best parts of the entire game is simply observing the Pokemon themselves as they walk about the world, as the scale and size of the Pokemon make them immeasurably more real.  Similar to how Pokemon Stadium breathed life into the black and white blurs with names that occupied the first generation of games, Pokemon: Let’s Go is beautiful and animated. 


Best 3D Printer Christmas Gifts for Kids

 Best 3D Printers for Kids in 2018 picture

The old adage regarding the value of teaching an individual a skill, versus giving them the end product, cannot be overstated in its relevance to the 3D printing world.  A Christmas gift of a 3D printer to a child or young relative, under supervision, represents the ability to not only participate creatively in the existence of their own toys, but also teaches them incredibly valuable design and critical thinking skills that adapt well to other arenas.  Similar to many games of strategy, a 3D printer requires problem solving and optimizing within a pre-determined ruleset, making 3D printers a gaming experience within themselves.  This holiday season, consider one of these awesome 3D printers for kids as a Christmas gift instead of purchasing completed toys that will last only as long as the materials allow.


FlashForge Finder

The FlashForge Finder is an excellent 3D printer for all beginners, especially children.  This printer comes with an intuitive touchscreen for easy interaction, and is built with accessibility in mind.  The build plate, for example, slides out to remove objects, and the frame is built to be sturdy and durable.  Specifically designed for kids, the Flashforge Finder does not use a heated plate, and is therefore much safer than some of the other products on the market.  With strong wireless connectivity, kids can design their own toys and send them directly to the printer for a developmentally productive experience that’s fun and educational.  The Flashforge Finder is definitely one of the best gifts for a child this holiday season.


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