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Streaming Biohacking: The Long Hours of Twitch & YouTube

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To be a successful YouTuber or streamer requires more than just a powerful gaming machine. It also requires more than just skill or an entertaining personality. The world of video content creation is brutal when getting started; you’re looking at weeks that can exceed 80 hours of work, but it’s different from normal “work.” It’s your channel, and that makes the effort all worth it. Running a business – because streaming is now a business – is the ultimate mix of work and play.

But some weeks, it’s just hard to focus on making content. The effects of burn-out are real. Burning out on content creation means that you feel tired every day, and even though the drive to make content might still be there, the energy to do so is not. It’s easy to fall out of love with content creation if you’re struggling to push through exhaustion every day, just to try and make ends meet while building your streaming empire. This is where biohacking comes into play.

Catalyst Mints Scores Knockout in First Sponsored MMA Event

Catalyst is proud to announce entry into the Mixed Martial Arts and combat community. We recently sponsored a popular MMA fight promotion in Agawam, MA where Catalyst was used by attendees and fighters alike. For fighters looking for the best energy, look no further. Catalyst Mints provides MMA fighters the healthiest and most effective energy source needed for successful training and fights.

Do YouTube Likes and Dislikes Do Anything?


The short answer? No one’s really sure yet; at least, not outside of YouTube. There are good theories about the likes and dislikes built into YouTube, though, and it’s likely that the two buttons do impact the visibility of a content piece. More importantly, we think these buttons might impact visibility and propagation of future content from the same channel. Our sponsored gamers (join here) can use this info to increase content visibility.

The likes and dislike buttons have long been hypothesized to increase video exposure simply by driving more user engagement. To YouTube, “engagement” is the amount a particular user interacts with a content piece beyond viewing it. This is active engagement, not passive. Active engagement includes commenting and liking or disliking a video.

Build Your Own Heist Crew - You Choose Who Catalyst Sponsors



We have made some big new changes to the Catalyst Vault and the Catalyst sponsorship program. If you are currently sponsored by us, then this is for you:

- Your sponsorship is now much more exclusive. The Catalyst sponsorship program is officially closed to new applications, meaning that your status as a Catalyst sponsored gamer just got even more unique. The sponsorship program is now invite only. This means that you have the power to choose who gets sponsored by Catalyst and who doesn't.

- You can now recruit your own heist crew members who will work for you. When you invite someone to be on your heist crew, you will earn 5% of all of their sales forever. This will not affect what they get paid. Build your team, and show them how to make sales through their referral link. They will earn you money and help you level up.

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