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YouTube Cards vs Annotations: Are Annotations Worth It?



Some of YouTube's systems feel archaic in the face of the mobile revolution. The company's still using its annotations – large channels rely on them frequently, too – but they never made annotations compatible with mobile devices. That is, not until cards, which are a clean, mobile device-friendly means of offering brief contextual links. Cards are easier to implement too, and thus reduce workload on the content creator.

But annotations are still important. Probably.

Basics of PC Building and Customization: Part 2

Our last article about the incredible hobby of PC building was a brief introduction into how it got started, as well as some starter information on processors, motherboards, and cooling. We're going to delve in a little further with this entry, outlining some more information about your hardware selections including the ever-important graphics card. If you haven't read part 1 of our basics of PC building guide, be sure to stop by and take a look. If you're ready to move on to part 2, click to read more.

Sponsorship Email Template for Twitch & YouTube Applications



Working as a successful Twitch streamer or YouTuber requires some knowledge of how to “hustle.” There’s a tremendous amount of competition out there, and the first step to getting noticed is to learn how to market your channel. Other articles in our guide series discuss important growth steps to building a subscriber base. In this guide, we’re providing you with an email template and examples of requests for sponsorship.

Basics of PC Building and Customization: Part 1

Gaming is an incredible cultural phenomenon that spans all ages, genders, and cultures. People have incredible ways of expressing their ingenuity and creativity through their passions and hobbies, and gaming is certainly no different. If you have been a fan of Catalyst Mints for some time, you may know that we were at QuakeCon 2016 to share our product with the staff and attendees there. While we were there, some of our staff members who have previously dabbled in PC building and customization were absolutely blown away by some of the incredible gaming rigs present and we thought we would do an article about the PC building community and the basics on how to get started.

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