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Most Affordable Aromatherapy Vaporizers for Relaxation and Meditation

Most Affordable Aromatherapy Vaporizers for Relaxation and Meditation

High performance results in your gaming or workout sessions take a toll on your body, and in order to keep striking new personal bests and maintain consistent improvement you need to dedicate the requisite time and preparation to helping your body recover.  A number of strategies exist for post-workout recovery, but one that has become especially helpful and easy to execute is aromatherapy.  With an affordable aromatherapy diffuser, all natural essential oils can be vaporized to potentially aid in improving sleep, relaxation, and focus.  Here are some of the best aromatherapy diffusers that are inexpensive and reliable. 


VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

Small and compact, the VicTsing diffuser is convenient and unobtrusive while still sufficiently powerful.  This 150ml essential oil diffuser has three timer settings, including an auto-shut off feature, making it perfect for hassle free enjoyment and relaxation while meditating or engaging in other tasks.  The VicTsing diffuser also comes with 14 LED light settings, helping you control the mood not only with fragrant scents but also with a cool and calming color palette.  Complete with a wood finish to fit into virtually any décor, this diffuser helps realize the benefits of essential oils for an excellent price.


4 Best Magic: The Gathering Ravnica Allegiance Cards to Speculate on in 2019

4 Best Magic The Gathering Ravnica Allegiance Cards to Speculate on in 2019

The release of Ravnica Allegiance is close at hand, and the power level of this new set already seems insane.  Based on the MTG Allegiance spoilers published, a myriad of archetypes seem tournament playable, especially with the inclusion of the remaining shocklands like Blood Crypt and Breeding Pool.  Yet, there are cards that seem to stand out amongst the set that are poised for success without a price that currently reflects their impressive functionality.  These cards are excellent targets for speculation, not only for resale but also to ensure you have playsets of them for deck building early on in the season.  To get ahead of the curve, here are the top 4 MTG Allegiance cards to speculate on at the beginning of 2019.


Sphinx of Foresight

Massive early game advantages for free are inherently powerful in Magic: The Gathering, where resource allocation and tempo decides games, and Sphinx of Foresight is no exception.  Like Leyline of the Void and other historically powerful cards, Sphinx of Foresight allows you to reveal the card in your opening hand and, without any cost, rig the first three cards of your deck by scrying 3.  This means you can not only order the top three cards, but also put any number of those cards on the bottom of your deck if they are redundant or inferior in that particular match.  The applications for this are innumerable, as you can use this ability to fix your mana base, ensure land drops, gain access to early removal sooner than later, or even bottom all three cards to salvage a game that would have ended to early mana screw.  You can keep greedier starting hands that contain the Sphinx, and be more ambitious with your color combinations.  Moreover, Sphinx of Foresight is also a cost efficient 4/4 flyer for 4 mana that allows you to continuous card selection each upkeep, so drawing it late is fine too.

Best Affordable Personal Laser Printers for Your Home Office

Affordable Personal Laser Printers for Your Home Office

In the not-so-distant past, laser printers were prohibitively expensive pieces of technology, reserved for large offices and corporate operations, and were not designed for personal use.  Today, however, affordable laser printers are manufactured by a number of traditional printer companies, and allow for excellent quality laser printers to be acquired at prices similar to those of inkjet printers.  With this new price point, even moderate quantities of printing for work or school are generally enough to merit buying a laser printer, which greatly increase convenience and can also save money on ink in certain situations.  For those looking for a laser printer on a budget, here are some of the best affordable laser printers available on the market.


Samsung Xpress M2020W

Fast and reliable, the Samsung Xpress is a laser printer that will streamline the printing you need done for work or school.  Specifically, this laser printer has excellent wireless functionality, allowing you to print both from a wireless computer or laptop and also from mobile devices like your phone or tablet.  This black and white laser printer produces 21 pages a minute in print volume, all with ultra-consistent, high-quality results, making the Samsung Xpress one of the best wireless laser printers for the price.


Cheap and Affordable Folding Tabletop Gaming Tables in 2019

Cheap and Affordable Folding Tabletop Gaming Tables in 2019

Tabletop gaming can require significant open space, both for numerous players and game materials, and frequently existing kitchen furniture cannot accommodate these demands.  Location can also pose problems, as many homes have kitchens or dining rooms that are separate from living rooms, resulting in unwanted distance from other game night activities.  Having an affordable and reliable folding card table at your disposal can be a quick and easy solution to this problem, allowing you to rapidly transform any room into a game room.  Additionally, fold out card tables are perfect for setting up outdoor gaming spaces on patios and porches.  Here are some of the best cheap folding tables for 2019.


Flash Furniture Square Folding Table

As “Amazon’s Choice” for card table products, this folding gaming table is cheap and effective.  With a 34in x 34in gaming space, and a 220 pound weight capacity, this table easily allows for four players and most game materials.  The table is also square, allowing equal distance for each player, which is ideal for games where players operate in the same capacity such as Coup.  Although perhaps not large enough to fit sprawling game states that occur in Magic: The Gathering Commander play or complicated games of D&D, this folding gaming table is the least expensive and most straightforward on this list.


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