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The Vault Is Coming Soon... Catalyst Sponsorships Get Even Better

If you have been following us on Twitter, you may have seen some recent tweets regarding some big changes that we're implementing into our sponsorship program. We're proud to make the announcement that the incredible new feature, The Vault, is coming very soon. We're here to give you the rundown on what this means and how The Vault will change how you see sponsorships forever.

Catalyst Vault 01

How to Get More Twitch Stream Viewers and Get More Subscribers




The entirety of our content creator guides detail how to build viewership, but this article aims to compile the most critical steps to building an audience. Before getting started, note that joining our sponsorship program is a strong step to building your revenue stream, which will in turn help build audience.

Let's build-out a basic plan:


Catalyst Mints Made Waves at QuakeCon 2016!

Photo Aug 04 4 06 38 PM

As you may have heard, we've been crazy busy this past week as Catalyst Mints made huge waves at QuakeCon 2016! Running last weekend from August 4th through August 7th, QuakeCon and its attendees got to experience Catalyst Mints firsthand.

Upcoming Game Releases for Streaming


What's the quickest way to grow a YouTube channel or stream? There's a two-part answer: First, be consistent and predictable in uploads. Second, stick to relevant, high-quality content. The “relevance” bit is key, and this article explains why.

Dozens of high-profile games are announced or ship each year. To be one of the first streamers of a new game – alpha, beta, or freshly launched – is an instant assurance of fairly high visibility. The earlier you start creating content around a to-be smash-hit game, the more exposure (by sheer absence of volume) you'll have to the community. This also helps establish your content early in the game's launch cycle, so that it may be discovered later through search engine queries.


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