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YouTube vs. Twitch Revenue for Streaming

YouTube vs. Twitch Revenue

A lot of people wonder how you can make money streaming games on Twitch, or how streamers and YouTubers generate revenue. We’ve previously detailed many ways for revenue generation on YouTube, but haven’t specifically spoken about YouTube’s streaming service for revenue.

With Twitch, it’s straight-forward: Run ads during the stream, depending on where breaks make the most sense (a bio break, for instance, is an excellent time to roll an ad while the audience is waiting your return).

As we’ll describe in a later article, YouTube Live isn’t necessarily as easy to monetize. You’ll have to slate-in ads after the video, with some configuration done before hosting the stream. It’s best to work with someone to “man the booth,” so to speak, while the stream is ongoing.

Why have the Owners of the New England Patriots and New York Mets Entered the Realm of eSports?

New England Patriots

Esports has been an industry that has been gaining significant traction year on year over the past decade and it is now becoming mainstream. As more celebrities, sports teams and major brands are getting involved in the space in a variety of different capacities, it lends weight to the idea that eSports is here to stay.

Now that it is clear that the industry is growing rapidly, nobody wants to miss out on the opportunity to capitalize. This is why two major figures in the world of traditional sports have decided to put their money down and get a slice of the action.

Best Party Games to Play With a Group of Friends

super smash bros 64

There are many types of gamers in the world: video game, board game, casual and hardcore players.  With so many different types, it can be hard for content creators to make games that appeal to all of them simultaneously. However, some clever developers have managed to create little gems that bridge the gap, perfectly hitting the sweet spots where they all overlap. These, are those games: the three best that are a blast to play in groups.

How to Make the Most Money on YouTube Live


How to make the most money on youtube live

YouTube Live requires some setup to get going, but is a good money generator once it’s established.

First, you should know that there are several ways to make money with YouTube Live streams:

  • Pre-roll ad slates
  • Post-roll ad slates
  • Direct ad sales
  • Super Chat (new!)
  • Subscriptions & viewer donations (now bundled into Super Chat)

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