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Best Gaming Headsets for Streaming in 2018

Best headsets

After our “Best Webcams for Streaming” and “Best Capture Cards for Streaming” guides, we heard some requests to talk about the best gaming headsets. Although a standalone microphone will produce better audio quality overall – something we’ve also covered in an article – headsets are still desirable in a lot of cases, and they’re just plain easier to work with.

Here are some of the best headsets for streaming on Twitch and YouTube, including wireless headsets: 

Gaming With Amazon Fire TV: Gift for Casual Gamers and Tablet Gamers


Gaming With Amazon Fire TV Gift for Casual Gamers and Tablet Gamers

Amazon’s Fire TV digital media player can hook up right to your TV and give you a variety of shows and streaming services to choose from. You can also purchase a version of the Fire TV with a gaming controller and play a number of different games on it. What’s gaming on the Amazon FireTV like exactly?

The Fire TV Gaming Edition comes with a controller, two games (DuckTales: Remastered and Shovel Knight), and a 32 Gb micro SD card for storage. The unit has a 2 GHz Quad-core processor, 2 GB of memory and its own dedicated GPU. Amazon’s list of games include some titles that are available through Amazon’s Digital Games distribution service. Games playable on the device include Lego Star Wars, Minecraft, and the Jackbox Party Pack games. There are some decent games to be found on the device but know you won’t be able to play most Triple-A titles, so don’t expect this to replace your PC or console if you’re a serious gamer. If you want something more for light gaming, however, which also has games you can play on the move, the Amazon Fire might be for you. In addition, the Amazon Fire can make a fantastic gift for casual gamers.

Alternative to Steam: Amazon's Digital Game Downloads

Amazon Digital Games Steam Competitor

Steam is an excellent digital distribution platform for games, but has miostly remained unchallenged until now. If you need an alternative to Steam, consider checking out Amazon’s Digital Game Downloads, which we believe to be the best alternative to Steam.

Amazon’s Digital Game or Software Downloads are available in over 230 countries, and the most popular titles are available for download over the service. Amazon’s digital games list includes games for a variety of different platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, PC, and more. This gives it an edge over Steam which only has support for computers and certain mobile devices.

Amazon’s digital distribution platform also offers substantial discounts on games, much like Steam’s much-vaunted Steam sales. The Digital Deals section of the site helpfully shows you titles discounted by 10% off, 25% off, 50% off, and 70% off or more. You can set up your own payment method with a variety of different payment types accepted, and even turn on 1-click purchasing if that’s attractive to you.

Top Customizable Controllers for PS4 & Xbox One: Play Your Own Way

Top Customizable Controllers

We’ve already discussed how video games can benefit your brain. Now that you’re ready to game, you need to make sure you’ve got the right controller. While you might be okay with the basic controller that came with your console, you may want something a little more customizable. The following controllers give you a level of personalization that other controllers don’t. Your controller can just be how you interface with a game, or it can be an extension of yourself. The more customization you have over your controller, the more you’ll enjoy your favorite games.

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