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What's the quickest way to grow a YouTube channel or stream? There's a two-part answer: First, be consistent and predictable in uploads. Second, stick to relevant, high-quality content. The “relevance” bit is key, and this article explains why.

Dozens of high-profile games are announced or ship each year. To be one of the first streamers of a new game – alpha, beta, or freshly launched – is an instant assurance of fairly high visibility. The earlier you start creating content around a to-be smash-hit game, the more exposure (by sheer absence of volume) you'll have to the community. This also helps establish your content early in the game's launch cycle, so that it may be discovered later through search engine queries.


OSD and the MilSpec Stream Team will be at GEXCon 2016


As mentioned in our previous entry in our Gaming News blog, Operation Supply Drop works to provide gaming gear to members of our armed services to ensure they receive entertainment while serving our country. We're proud to continue our support of OSD, and they will be present at the upcoming GEXCon in Fredericksburg, Virginia as the official charity of the event.

Catalyst Mints is proud to power our military with Operation Supply Drop


Operation Supply Drop is one of the most active charity organizations in the gaming community with a mission to bring gaming and entertainment to the men and women serving our country in the armed forces. Catalyst Mints is proud to contribute to this noble cause and to support OSD in its efforts to provide gaming gear for our troops.

Catalyst Mints is proud to support MechaCon 2016

Louisiana's premier gaming and anime convention is being held this July 29-31, and Catalyst Mints is excited to be a part! MechaCon has been a part of New Orleans' gaming and anime community for over a decade, and Catalyst's sister company, NoScope Glasses, has been proud to have been a part in prevous years. This year, Catalyst Mints will be there to power the gaming tournaments and events unlike ever before.

mechacon cosplayWhat if I had a gun...That shot other guns?!

Featuring guests, cosplayers, panels, events, and of course gaming, MechaCon returns in 2016 for yet another amazing weekend. Taking place at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, this year's festivities are shaping up to be the best yet. We're proud to be a part of the continuing tradition of celebrating and enjoying everything related to geek culture with the MechaCon staff, and we want to extend our gratitude for allowing us to be part of MechaCon.

The game room is going to be incredible this year with tournaments scheduled for Skullgirls, Street Fighter V, Pokken Tournament, Mortal Kombat X, Tekken 7, Blaz Blue Chronophantasma Extend, Guilty Gear XRD, and Super Smash Bros. Watch the best face off against each other, or compete yourself for a chance at some incredible prizes, including Catalyst Mints!

If you find yourself in New Orleans on the weekend of July 29-31, be sure to stop by!

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