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How to Increase Watch Time for YouTube


Increase YT watch time

YouTube’s “watch time” metric is the most important on the site, and its importance is only growing as the platform evolves. “Watch time” is the measurement of how long (in minutes) a viewer stays on a specific video, and is cumulative even when the user clicks through the timeline. A 9-minute video that is watched for 5 total minutes would have a watch time of 5:00.  That time is averaged over all viewers, and used by YouTube’s algorithms to determine quality of content and ad spend for premiere-class channels. As average watch time increases, it follows that revenue generally sees a bump (though is not guaranteed), as does overall visibility and exposure on the site.

YouTube manages its video exposure through the sidebar and homepage recommendation feeds (read: not the sub feed). If a video has a high watch time or a high total percentage watch time (e.g. 90% average watch time of a 5-minute video would be 4.5 minutes), then YouTube will be more likely to promote that video in the sidebar recommendations. The site considers this content to be high quality, since viewers are staying long enough to watch the vast majority of the video. 

Best Capture Cards for Streaming (How to Record Console Gameplay)

Best capture cards

Gaming capture cards are necessary for streaming to Twitch and YouTube at high bitrates, ensuring the best quality content in the stream. Capture cards are also particularly useful for recording gameplay on nearly any device – consoles included. With a PC and a capture card, which sockets into the PCI-e slot in the motherboard, you can record 60FPS gameplay from the console directly. This includes PlayStation, Xbox, and even the Nintendo Switch. If you’re wondering how to record gameplay from consoles, this is a good start – but you can also use these cards in secondary systems to livestream PC gaming to Twitch or YouTube without dropping frames (or lag).

The best capture cards for game streaming are below:

Biohack for Gamers: More Energy for Work & Play

We’ve already talked about giving our Catalyst Mints a try to push through long production times for videos, but there are other benefits of our mints that require a quick note.

Namely: Bio breaks.

Gaming Isn’t Fun Anymore


We’ve seen this complaint all over social media: “Games aren’t fun anymore,” or “can’t focus on gaming anymore.” We see people talk about getting tired of video games, feeling burnt-out, or just not getting excited by them anymore.

A lot of this is over-exposure. The more you’re exposed to the hobby, the less magical it becomes; the curtains come down and all the glitz and glam reveals itself to be… No Man’s Sky, or some equivalent. But there’s still plenty of wonder left in video games, it’s just a matter of finding the right games and entering the right mindset to enjoy them.

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