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Best Video Game Soundtracks Part 2: the 1990s

Best Video Game Soundtracks Part 2- the 1990s

Although video game music from the 80s was groundbreaking and enjoyable, the soundtracks of the 1990s build and, in many ways, improve upon the developments of the earlier decade to create some of the highest quality scores of all time.  Utilizing samples from multiple instruments, these soundtracks are akin to fully orchestrated symphonies, composed by talented musicians and perfectly capturing the mood of the gameplay itself.  Although this list is certainly not long enough to address all the great works from the era, those mentioned are truly exceptional and stand out even amongst the others. 


Donkey Kong Country 2

From the brilliant composer David Wise, the Donkey Kong Country 2 OST provides exceptional video game music with wonderful, alliterative names.  The dozens of scores on the soundtrack reflect the diversity of themes within the game for the individual levels and larger worlds; Snakey Chantey is upbeat and full of swing, Hot-Head Bop is haunting and entrancing, and Stickerbrush Symphony is melodic and powerful, each one a respectable work of music on its own. 


5 Classic Gaming Tables for Epic Game Rooms & Man Caves

5 Classic Gaming Tables for your Epic Game Room

There are a number of great ways to build a game room on a budget, but if you want to make a statement, and provide your friends and family with an epic game room experience, there are excellent options that are well worth the initial investment.  This article discusses five classic game room gaming tables that go well beyond a television and a console, facilitating a more social and interactive environment for your guests.  Whether you’re purchasing solely for the family or entertaining the whole neighborhood, these gaming tables are unique and impressive, and are certain to elicit an awesome response from its players.


Pool Table

A bar and game room staple, pool tables provide literal years of play for those with the space and budget.  Pool, or billiards, is a game of precise hand-eye coordination and requires a mastery of various motor skills to play well.  The game, therefore, is also one with a very high skill cap, allowing for noticeable improvement over time that will keep a player coming back.  Pool is also very social; as players take turns walking around the table and setting up shots there is ample time for conversing and interacting.  Pool tables come in a variety of sizes, generally from 6 feet to 9 feet long, and you will need room to operate the pool cues as well, so make sure you measure your game room beforehand.


Magic the Gathering Standard: the Pros and Cons of Mono Red Aggro in Guilds of Ravnica

Guilds of Ravnica Standard- the pros and cons to mono red

With the Guilds of Ravnica meta starting to solidify, it’s time to consider some of the individual decks that are seeing play in standard.  Although there is still room for creative deckbuilding, certain archetypes are emerging as powerful and popular, and it can be helpful to start a season by constructing and playing these decks first.  Specifically, this article focuses on one of the most popular of these established decks, mono red aggro, and addresses the pros and cons of playing this archetype.   


 The Deck

Mono red aggro is a perennial archetype in Magic: The Gathering, and this standard season is no different.  The version currently being played relies on pushing consistent damage in early turns with aggressive creatures like Fanatical Firebrand and Ghitu Lavarunner, direct damage spells like Wizard’s Lightning and Lightning Strike, and finishing the game with overwhelming card draw through cards like Experimental Frenzy or Flame of Keld.  Runaway Steam-Kin is another very powerful addition to the deck from Guilds, which not only allows you to increase your attack power every turn but also serves as a way to utilize extra mana for an all-in play.  The competitive lists are generally very straightforward, running four copies of most of the spells.  There is some room for variance, like with the decision to try and play Rekindling Phoenix in the main, but for the most part the deck is well established, even this early in the season.


Best Console Games for Christmas Gifts under 20 Dollars

Best Console Games for Christmas Gifts under 20 Dollars

Under many circumstances, we understand what specific games our holiday gift recipients are interested in.  However, if the gift is for a family friend, a distant relative, or someone that’s tough to figure out, the price of console games can be a persuasive reason not to take the risk.  Luckily, there are great games for the latest consoles that are available for around $20 dollars, allowing you to hedge your decision to acquire a great gift without the expense. 


Prey- PlayStation 4

If Sci-Fi action/adventure sounds like the genre you’re looking for, then Prey is an excellent match.  Prey, which is also developed by Bethesda, looks and plays a great deal like BioShock, utilizing a first-person perspective, entrancing scenery, thoughtful plot and impactful combat.  The game can be somewhat intense, however, and comes with a mature rating, but the game uses that intensity well to create a great sense of immersion and help aid in the suspension of disbelief.  At the time of writing this article, Prey was listed at under $20 dollars, which is a superb price point.


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