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Does Wireless Impact Gaming Performance and Responsiveness? Min-maxing your Gaming

Does Wireless Impact Gaming Performance and Responsiveness Min-maxing your Gaming

Despite the increasing number of wireless devices available to gamers, many gamers still swear by wired devices. It’s claimed that a wireless device, such as a wireless mouse, router, or controller, just isn’t as stable as a wired device and that using one will lead to reduced responsiveness and performance while playing games. Is this really true?

This short answer is… maybe. It really depends on a lot of different variables, like what kind of wireless device you are using and in what conditions. In terms of wireless gaming mice and control pads, there’s not that much of a difference. It’s argued that wireless mice are laggier while wired mice are faster and more responsive, due to the fact that the signal from a wireless device is received after more time has passed. Five years ago there might have been some truth to this claim, but nowadays there is very little difference between the response rate of a wireless and wired mouse. Many wireless mice have response rates around 1 millisecond or less, which depending on your graphics card may not even be longer than the refresh rate of your monitor or screen.

New Streetwear Clothing Company TINT Collection

Catalyst Mints - Siberian Wintergreen - One Pack 2

Catalyst is excited to announce a new partnership with TINT Collection - a newly released premium streetwear clothing line. Their clothes are targeted towards self made hustlers who try to create their own path in life. As gamers, streamers, content creators, and more, the community that supports Catalyst embodies what it means to make a career path from scratch, and to work hard to turn a passion for games into a living.

Best Curved 4k and 1080p Monitors: Ultimate Gaming Setup

Best Curved 4k and 1080p Monitors Ultimate Gaming Setup

A great sound system is important when trying to get immersed in a game, but so is a great monitor. If you’re looking to get the best possible gaming experience, check out these curved high definition monitors. The following monitors are 1080p or 4k, and their curved (ultrawide) design provides you with a wide viewing angle so you can take in all those little details and be fully immersed in the action.

Alienware AW3418DW

The 21:9 aspect ratio of Alienware’s new monitor is complimented by a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 and a high refresh rate at 120Hz. There’s an extremely fast 4 millisecond response time delivered by the 34-inch screen. The viewing angle is fantastic too, at 178/178. Alienware’s monitor is probably the fastest ultrawide monitor available, so if it’s high refresh rates and response times you are looking for, look no further. It’s rather expensive though, so if you’re looking for an ultrawide monitor at a cheaper price there are other options available.

Seagate vs. Western Digital: Best 8TB External Hard Drives for Maximum Storage, Speed, and Price

Seagate vs. Western Digital Best 8TB External Hard Drives for Maximum Storage Speed and Price

In the world of hard drives, there are two companies that are known for producing reliable and outstanding hard drives: Seagate and Western Digital. Let’s take a look at some of their recent offerings and weigh the pros and cons. With the growing number of HD 1080p and 4k digital movie and TV show downloads available, it is easy to blow through 8TB worth of storage in a relatively short period of time. It may be necessary to purchase several 8TB external HDDs, especially if you are looking to store and / or backup a TV show or movie collection. Even one TV series alone downloaded at 1080p could easily use up several hundred GB of storage. At the moment, 8TB drives are the best balance of cost and size. In terms of their 8 Terabytes of external hard drive storage, which company offers a better product?

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