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How to Make Game Streaming a Job: Make Money Playing Video Games



How to Make Game Streaming a Job

The modern dream: To play games for a living.

But it's not an easy job, and it's not really just “playing games” for a living. Any kind of content creation – streaming or otherwise – is an intensely involved process that rarely gives breathing room. This is especially true in those early growth phases; don't expect to climb the ranks quickly and rest on your laurels. There's always new content to work on, and if you don't work on it, someone else will.

In this article, we'll talk about how to round the corner from casual streaming to professional game streaming or becoming a “YouTuber.” Before diving into this guide, we'd also suggest reading our “How to Get Sponsored” guide and “Sponsorship Email Templates” article.

Let's look at some aspects of professional game streaming that are often overlooked:


Basics of PC Building and Customization: Part 3

We're going to try to wrap up our PC building basics guide with this article, reviewing some information on your RAM, storage drives, and booting the finished product. Of course, there's a ton of information available on each and every one of these components and the myriad of options available to builders both casual and professional, so definitely research before buying! As mentioned in part 1, the communities at /r/pcmasterrace and /r/buildapc are friendly and provide great recommendations and guidance on your selections, whether you are building your first PC or your fiftieth. That said, let's dive right in.

YouTube Cards vs Annotations: Are Annotations Worth It?



Some of YouTube's systems feel archaic in the face of the mobile revolution. The company's still using its annotations – large channels rely on them frequently, too – but they never made annotations compatible with mobile devices. That is, not until cards, which are a clean, mobile device-friendly means of offering brief contextual links. Cards are easier to implement too, and thus reduce workload on the content creator.

But annotations are still important. Probably.

Basics of PC Building and Customization: Part 2

Our last article about the incredible hobby of PC building was a brief introduction into how it got started, as well as some starter information on processors, motherboards, and cooling. We're going to delve in a little further with this entry, outlining some more information about your hardware selections including the ever-important graphics card. If you haven't read part 1 of our basics of PC building guide, be sure to stop by and take a look. If you're ready to move on to part 2, click to read more.

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