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Why the 1000 Degree Knife Videos are So Popular


Avid YouTube users have undoubtedly encountered the almost spam-like proliferation of the “1000-degree knife” trend, conquering sidebars for recommended videos over the last few weeks. The videos are almost content-less; the host, now a variety of desperate channels grasping at a clear break in the YouTube algorithm, heats a knife up (not to 1000 degrees) using butane torches. The host then takes the knife, cuts into some mundane object – a bar of soap, a soda bottle, a stick of butter – and films the process, all while there’s royalty-free music playing in the background.

And some of these videos are getting tens of millions of views – nearing 50, 60 million in some cases. The originator of the trend was briefly gaining 200,000 subscribers per day.

But why?

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Streaming Alternative to Twitch:



Twitch and YouTube need more competition and alternatives. It is difficult to find the best streaming websites and determine which one should be used. Because of how powerful each has gotten, it’s become hard for smaller channels and upstarts to negotiate terms that are properly favorable for the amount of effort invested. It’s also just harder to get noticed, since there are so many content creators on Twitch, YouTube, and other major content streaming platforms.

YouTube vs. Twitch: Which Pays Better?


YouTube vs. Twitch: Which Pays Better?

For anyone getting started out in the streaming business, it's easy to get tied-up in concerns over making money. Our advice: Don't focus on that initially. Build content and a following first (see: “How to Make Game Streaming a Job”), then worry about the details. If you are struggling to find the right game to play, then check out our article on the top games to stream on Twitch and YouTube.

Still, picking a platform does impact following and speed of growth.

Decide first based on the type of content you'd like to produce. If your work is more post-production intensive, YouTube is the obvious choice – it supports archival uploads more appropriately. For streaming, things become less clear. Both YouTube and Twitch support streaming, and both now have mature and well-rounded game streaming offerings.

Let's just focus on the aspect of money for today. We're assuming that you're already somewhat established at this point, and hopefully have a good idea of the type of channel you're building.

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