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When is the Best Time to Post a YouTube Video?


Best Time to Post to YouTube

You may have noticed that YouTube juggernauts often post videos on a somewhat predictable schedule. For instance, LinusTechTips often posts at 4AM EST, and a lot of livestream content occurs between the hours of 7PM and 11PM EST. There’s a reason for this.

Depending on your geo target and audience, the “best” time to post videos to YouTube will vary – generally, though, the only hard and fast rule is to be consistent. If you’re abiding by embargoes for new game launches, then your only target is to hit that launch time or embargo lift. Otherwise, posting videos consistently at an hour when your audience will see the content is critical. If your audience is primarily comprised of 24 - 44 year old gamers (see our previous guide on writing a sponsorship request and learning demographics), then posting during working hours may result in fewer views. Anecdotally, we’ve seen that posting just before work hours begin – e.g. 8AM EST (allows early exposure to pre-work east coasters, and west coasters will awaken to find the content) – or around the east coast’s lunch (12PM-2PM, which will be just as work is beginning on the west coast) works well. Anyone on their lunch break will take a moment to watch videos, and folks on the west coast may be just getting started with the day.

How To Avoid Streaming Burn-Out and Getting Bored of Playing Games



Avoid Streaming Burn-Out

 Our previous guide to make game streaming a job detailed the behind-the-scenes investment for successful game streaming, with one key factor standing out above all: Time.

Investing all of that time streaming, researching games and audio / video equipment, and making sponsorship connections – that's tiring work. It's tough to keep a consistent streaming schedule, but keeping a schedule while also maintaining the balance of business (and staying informed on the industry) is where lines get drawn.

Try to avoid burn-out. This includes getting plain “bored” of playing games at all, but also of the grind that is running a channel and streaming. This article includes a few tips on avoiding content creation burn-out.


Getting More Out of Twitch Sponsorships – Product Placement & Ads




Getting More Out of Twitch Sponsorships – Product Placement & Ads

We've already posted an email template for sponsorship requests, useful for getting in the door and relationship building with potential partners. Now that you've gotten a few relationships going, the next move is to flesh-out the opportunities offered to sponsors of and YouTube content. The idea is to get enough money and products rolling in that you can begin the transition to full-time work with Twitch.


The Best Webcams for Twitch: Is 1080p, 60FPS Possible?


We've talked about the ideal mics for game streaming, as well as the best gaming mice. Now we're back to talk about the video component: webcams.

To answer the headline question straight-away: No, it's almost impossible to find a 1080p / 60FPS webcam for use with streaming or YouTube. The issue is a matter of bandwidth; it'd require more bandwidth than is reasonably possible through most modern interfaces, and so the hardware doesn't exist at any affordable price. You'd have to buy an actual prosumer digital video camera, then hook that up to the PC – and there's a decent chance you'll still be limited to 720p60, depending on the camera.

But it is possible to get high-quality webcams at 1080p, 30FPS – which is plenty for almost all streams. If you're vlogging regularly, no game streaming in the background, it may be worth looking into an actual video camera for the absolute highest quality. For game streaming, a 30FPS output is fine, as the video output will normally be shrunken and shoved into a corner of the stream (with the game taking up the majority of the screen).

Let's run through a few of the top cameras.

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