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Stop Taking Energy Drinks – Replace with a Healthier Alternative to Energy Drinks


Even the US military advises that energy drinks can do “serious harm to your body.” The military, which requires its deployed staff be highly alert and available for long hours, has lived on these energy drinks for a long time now. The DOD’s own science blog (found here) is now recommending against drinking so many energy drinks.

The report suggested that users of three or more energy drinks per day “were more likely to report sleep disruption related to stress and illness, and were more likely to fall asleep during briefings or on guard duty.” A lot of this was directed at the brand “Rip It,” who market their drinks directly to military branches and contribute to these negative side effects.

Catalyst Gaming Energy Mints Ship Internationally with $4.99 Shipping

Catalyst is excited to announce new shipping options for customers outside of the United States that are significantly cheaper than in the past. For a 6-pack of Catalyst Mints or less, we now offer an economy shipping option for $4.99, and a priority shipping option for $9.99. This is a huge improvement on shipping prices that used to be much higher.

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We have many more big improvements planned, but are happy to have finally come up with a good solution for our international fans and customers. Make sure to get those orders in, and help us spread the word about our new shipping options. We need your help to expand outside of the United States to all of the amazing fans around the globe. Feel the Pulse!

What Is YouTube Restricted Mode? Sub Count Lower

YouTube’s algorithm changes are widely discussed for their ability to boost or bury channels, regardless of how established those channels are. Changes to YouTube happen all the time, often silently, and drastically impact your performance. If you run a YouTube channel, you may have seen a sub-count decrease over the past month, or even a view count decrease for specific videos in your Creator Studio. The reason for this, it seems, is YouTube’s new “Restricted Mode.”


Restricted mode is a hidden setting at the bottom of the YouTube homepage. When you’re not logged in, it is possible that some videos could be hidden if they have been flagged as “restricted” content. This particularly seems to affect political videos, some videos which have commentary on YouTube’s restricted mode specifically, numerous LGBT related videos, and some videos with “strong language,” as defined by YouTube’s policies. We’d imagine a good portion of the content creators we sponsor fit at least one of those three requirements, and so might be experience lower views on videos that have been flagged as “restricted” for stronger language.

Right now, there’s not a whole lot that can be done by creators to reduce the impact of restricted mode. If one of your videos is “restricted,” it will not appear to users who aren’t logged in when visiting your Channel page, and may not even appear in the sidebar (though we aren’t yet sure). For now, it seems that videos which are less political or less provocative in nature will have the best shot of avoiding becoming restricted. Restricted mode will also hide all comments on the videos affected.

Fortunately, it seems like YouTube has already modified its Restricted Mode in some ways – like defaulting it to off, potentially – though it may go away altogether if backlash continues.

Streaming Biohacking: The Long Hours of Twitch & YouTube

Catalyst Eleuthero Gaming Mints Siberian Wintergreen-Omega-Case 5

To be a successful YouTuber or streamer requires more than just a powerful gaming machine. It also requires more than just skill or an entertaining personality. The world of video content creation is brutal when getting started; you’re looking at weeks that can exceed 80 hours of work, but it’s different from normal “work.” It’s your channel, and that makes the effort all worth it. Running a business – because streaming is now a business – is the ultimate mix of work and play.

But some weeks, it’s just hard to focus on making content. The effects of burn-out are real. Burning out on content creation means that you feel tired every day, and even though the drive to make content might still be there, the energy to do so is not. It’s easy to fall out of love with content creation if you’re struggling to push through exhaustion every day, just to try and make ends meet while building your streaming empire. This is where biohacking comes into play.

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