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Most Epic Features and Leaks for Mortal Kombat 11

Most Epic Features and Leaks for Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 doesn’t officially launch until April, but with all the awesome content now known about the game it seems like a great time to start focusing our attention on this fantastic new PVP fighter for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.  It has begun, as Shang Tsung would say, and here are some of the best MK11 leaks and features we know so far. 


Character Roster

During the MK11 reveal, the audience was thrilled to see the return of a number of classic Mortal Kombat franchise characters, such as Scorpion, Sonya Blade, and Baraka.  However, an alleged MK11 roster leak transpired earlier this month when Steam released a list of achievements for the game that may have revealed an almost full list of playable characters.  Although this list is still entirely speculative, it includes characters such as Jade, Kung Lao, Frost, Kano, and Kabal.  We unfortunately still have no sign of Smoke in MK11, but there is still hope in the coming months!


Best Magic: The Gathering Standard Deck Spotlight: Four-Color Gates

The Best Magic The Gathering Standard Deck Spotlight Four-Color Gates

In this edition of MTG Standard Deck Spotlight, we take a serious look at a deck once considered to be little more than a novelty before making a number of deep runs in recent tournaments.  This four, or sometimes even five, color deck that relies on Guildgate lands and their respective payoff cards has found a place at the top of the MTG standard deck hierarchy, ramping into devastating win conditions and taking advantage of the newly released cards from Ravnica Allegiance.  Quirky, tricky, and fun to play, this deck offers a great MTG standard deck option to those looking to be creative and just enough off-meta to legitimately surprise their opponents with their decklist.  Here are three reasons why the Guildgate deck of Ravnica Allegiance standard is one of the best competitive MTG decks for the current environment.   



Although the scaffolding of the deck is predetermined by the motif itself, there is a great deal of variance in Guildgate decklists currently performing well in competitive play.  Specifically, different players are utilizing a variety of win conditions in different lists, in addition to some players using multiple win conditions within the same list, plunging opponents into chaos as they attempt to discern the optimal line of play against an unknown decklist.  There are Guildgate decks, for example, that win through Gatebreaker Ram, a creature that achieves an absurdly high power and toughness in the late-game, and a couple of enormous Gate Colossus.  Other decks prefer to rely almost entirely on obscenely large Hydroid Krasis after removing all the threats from their opponent’s board.  Others still abuse the unreasonable amount of mana generated through Wilderness Reclamation to cast a single, game-winning Explosion//Expansion.  Whichever win condition, or combination thereof, you choose to sleeve up for your tournament, you can be sure that this top tier MTG standard deck list will keep your opponents guessing at your choice until it ends the game.


The Best Magic: The Gathering Standard Deck Spotlight: Sultai Midrange

The Best Magic The Gathering Standard Deck Spotlight Sultai Midrange

In this edition of MTG Standard Spotlight we address one of the most popular, and arguably the most winning, deck of Magic: The Gathering Allegiance standard.  A common choice for mythic MTG Arena decks, Sultai utilizes the creatures from green, recursion from black, and a few splashed spells from blue to create an epic combination of power.  Although this top tier MTG standard deck has a higher skill requirement than some of the other decks discussed, it will reward you tremendously for the time and effort you put into learning how to play it, and can even open avenues for adding your own tech.  Here are three reasons why this deck is an awesome choice. 



One of the most important aspects of Sultai Midrange is the inevitability it offers through recursion and card advantage that only pure control decks can top.  Cards like Find//Finality and Memorial to Folly that bring creatures back to your hand from the graveyard allow you to trade mercilessly in the early game and reactivate enter-the-battlefield triggers.  This recursion also functions as card advantage, as it allows you to play spells when your hand is empty or, in the case of Memorial to Folly, turn a flood of lands into a board state.  Additionally, the plethora of explore creatures ensures you hit land drops, and offers card selection to optimize against the specific match up you’re facing in that moment.  The combination of these two functionalities also has a multiplicative benefit, as you can send late game cards from the top of your deck to the graveyard knowing you can return them to your hand when they become relevant.  In a format with exceptional, cheap removal, the potential of this deck to scale into the late game and grind down your opponent’s resources through recursion and card advantage is an excellent argument for why this is a MTG standard deck you should play. 


Pros and Cons of Free Weights versus Machine Lifting - Which is Better?

Pros and Cons of Free Weights versus Machine Lifting

Strength training is an import part of a fitness routine, and has a myriad of overall health benefits.  There are a number of ways, however, to accomplish a regular lifting regimen.  Specifically, lifters can utilize free weights, those not locked into place by any external apparatus, or weight lifting machines, designed to limit movement and range.  Both have benefits and potential drawbacks, and it can be difficult to identify if you should use free weights or weight lifting machines in your workout.  Are free weights better for building muscles than machines? This article helps simplify this decision, discussing the pros and cons of each choice and empowering you to make an informed decision that suits your physical needs.


Free Weights- Pros

In general, free weights are the most effective at building overall strength.  This is a result of the way the body manages the movement of heavy items without the assistance of a machine.  Basically, because the weight being lifted is unrestrained, the muscles themselves must keep the weight balanced and fixed, and in doing so works a number of different muscles while improving strength in the targeted group.  By working these stabilizer muscles during normal workouts, the body becomes naturally stronger than if the movement of the weight was locked in place.  Additionally, one of the benefits to free weights is the equipment itself.  Free weight equipment is simpler, smaller, and significantly cheaper than weight lifting machines, and effective workouts can be accomplished with high-quality resistance bands or an affordable dumbbell set for a fraction of the price of something more mechanical. 


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