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List of Top Epic Tech Under $20: Gaming on a Budget

R List of Top Epic Tech Under 20 Gaming on a Budget

Are you looking for some gaming accessories to improve your gaming experience? Want something to improve your quality of life, but are on a budget? If that’s the case these following items should be able to help you out. These pieces of tech can improve the way you game and all cost less than $20.

1) Perlegear 4 Pack High Speed HDMI Cables

If you own multiple consoles and are tired of having to switch HDMI cables to use them, this pack of 4 HDMI cables is only $10. The cables are a decent 6 feet long and come with a right angle adapter and three cable ties. You’d have enough HDMI cables to run your PS4, Xbox One, Switch and one more device into your TV with this affordable package.

Building a Community on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube – How to Grow Channels

Building a Community On Twitch Mixer and YouTube  How to Grow Channels

People are social animals. We have a great need to be part of a community. This being the case, creating a sense of community around your YouTube or Twitch channel can help you maintain subscribers and grow in popularity as a streamer or uploader of videos. There are a number of different tactics you can implement to grow your Twitch, Mixer, or YouTube community. Most of them involve interacting with your audience or other streamers, and making your content interactive in some way.

A prerequisite to building a good community is being predictable and reliable. You’ll want to stream or upload videos at consistent times on a consistent schedule. This makes it easier for your followers and subscribers to anticipate when you’ll be on, making it easier for them to interact with you and you with them. Hosting and raiding other streamers can also be a good way to build a community. It helps keep more viewers on your channel in the case of hosting, increasing the likelihood they will subscribe. Hosting should be done with streamers who are playing games similar to the ones you play.

Most Popular Retro Games to Stream on Twitch or Mixer

Most Popular Retro Games to Stream on Twitch or Mixer

It’s great to stream the newest, most popular games on Twitch if you’re looking to grow your stream. Yet there’s a substantial audience out there for retro games too, and if you’d like to tap into that audience you should know which retro games are the most popular to stream and watch. These games will help you grow your Twitch channel and get noticed while streaming.

Applications for Amazon Echo and Alexa: Voice Commanding Your Games

Gaming Applications for Amazon Echo and Alexa Voice Commanding Your Games

With the increasing proliferation of home digital assistant devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home, some game developers are considering how to integrate these devices into video games, adding new functions and features.

There are already several different games that are based around Amazon’s Alexa, or make use of some of Alexa’s functionalities. Some games are simple “choose your own adventure” style games, where Alexa will take you through a story. You’ll give Alexa directions to search for items or solve puzzles. Some of these experiences include The Magic Door, The Daily Five/Nine (a gaming taking place in the universe of sci-fi show Mr. Robot), and Path of Discovery: Europa.

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