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How to Get More Subscribers on Twitch

How to get more subscribers on Twitch

Building subscriber base on Twitch is a little different than YouTube (and we’ve got guides for YouTube subscriber growth, if that’s your thing). Twitch’s paying subscribers are a critical means for a channel to grow without heavy reliance on ad revenue, which tends to fluctuate in price throughout the year. To get more Twitch subscribers, we’d recommend the following tricks.

Best Mixers for Streaming & Skype Interviews, OBS Mixing


Best Mixers

Mixing Skype calls into OBS isn’t easy, and doing any sort of livestreaming or recording of a Skype video chat takes some hardware. Using a mixer is the quickest way to equalize noise levels and mic volume between the guest and the host of a Skype interview or chat, as the mics can be fed separately into the mixer.

For that, of course, you need to actually know about some mixer options. First, figure out these basics:


How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube in 2017 (Watch Time)

How to get more subscribers on YT

Building on our previous article, we can leverage the new YouTube algorithm’s focus on watch time to more rapidly increase subscriber growth. Oddities like the 1000-degree knife series can emerge from algorithm changes, but they also teach us how YouTube’s system works. 

Best Gaming Headsets for Streaming

Best headsets

After our “Best Webcams for Streaming” and “Best Capture Cards for Streaming” guides, we heard some requests to talk about the best gaming headsets. Although a standalone microphone will produce better audio quality overall – something we’ve also covered in an article – headsets are still desirable in a lot of cases, and they’re just plain easier to work with.

Here are some of the best headsets for streaming on Twitch and YouTube, including wireless headsets: 

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