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Using Catalyst Nootropics to Increase Productivity, Focus, and Energy

Catalyst Mints - Siberian Wintergreen - One Pack 2

The modern world doesn’t much allow for a slowdown. Best case, you normally have to work twice as hard just to take a short vacation or break. Nootropics like Catalyst Mints can help sustain a higher productivity, reduce drowsiness at work, and keep focus so that you can get through your day faster.

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that can help with overall cognitive functioning and memory, and have lately been blowing up as a way to better focus brainpower on the task at hand. Getting work done more efficiently, without all those little breaks for reddit, means getting home sooner and having more time to unwind. Unfortunately, many nootropics are not safe, contain strange research chemicals, and are made in unregulated locations. Catalyst Mints are the only nootropic that is made in the United States in an FDA registered facility from natural and healthy vitamins, adaptogens, amino acids, and stimulants.

Is YouTube Unsubscribing People Automatically?


YouTube’s lately been plagued with an “unsubscribe” glitch of sorts, which the company itself has denied as existing or showing evidence of existence. The glitch is pretty straight-forward:

A user is subscribed to a channel and receives content updates through push notifications

The user views a video from a channel thought to be subscribed

The user realizes that the “unsubscribe” button (indicating an active subscription) is now listed as a “subscribe” button. This means that the user is not subscribed.

In our brief testing, it seems that YouTube may have some merit to its statements. Although the button reverts to its unsubscribed graphic, we were still receiving push notifications for channels thought to be unsubscribed. It seems that this may be purely graphical, as the channel content is still going out to users.

Why the 1000 Degree Knife Videos are So Popular


Avid YouTube users have undoubtedly encountered the almost spam-like proliferation of the “1000-degree knife” trend, conquering sidebars for recommended videos over the last few weeks. The videos are almost content-less; the host, now a variety of desperate channels grasping at a clear break in the YouTube algorithm, heats a knife up (not to 1000 degrees) using butane torches. The host then takes the knife, cuts into some mundane object – a bar of soap, a soda bottle, a stick of butter – and films the process, all while there’s royalty-free music playing in the background.

And some of these videos are getting tens of millions of views – nearing 50, 60 million in some cases. The originator of the trend was briefly gaining 200,000 subscribers per day.

But why?

Massive Catalyst Mints Giveaway: Now Through January 31st, 2017



Catalyst Mints Joins Forces with GAMDIAS for Massive Giveaway

Catalyst Mints is excited to announce a massive social media giveaway involving gaming accessories company, GAMDIAS. There will be 10 winners selected, and there are numerous easy ways to enter. This giveaway will end January 31st, so act now to get entered for some amazing free gaming prizes. 1st place wins an Omega Case of Catalyst Mints, equivalent to 175 energy drinks, along with a mechanical keyboard and other free gaming accessories! You can find all of our entry methods at the link below:

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