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Incredible Gaming Energy Sale - Black Friday Deal - Get 25% Off All Items


Catalyst Mints - Siberian Wintergreen - One Pack 2

As 2016 enters into the holiday season, we want to thank the #CatalystMasterminds and all of our customers and supporters for an amazing first year so far for Catalyst! We're very happy to say that this has been a great year, and we're looking forward to the upcoming holidays. 

We're offering a great chance to get your Catalyst Mints for an amazing price this holiday season. Whether you want to share them with the gamers in your life or keep yourself energized for the season, this Black Friday / Cyber Monday will be the best time of the year to get your order in.

Starting now, all items in the Catalyst store will be available with an incredible 25% discount. You can apply this discount to all orders and any items by using the code "BF2016" at checkout. This is a special offer that will not be matched again this year, so be sure to stock up and get your gifts now! This also applies to the elite Omega Case, which means this is the time to grab the best deal in gaming energy. Of course, this is a limited time offer, and this incredible 25% code will be effective through the weekend and will expire on Monday, November 28.

The More Affordable, Effective, Portable, Healthier Alternative to Energy Drinks

Dubbed the 'Energy Drink Killer,' Catalyst Mints are the world's first energy mint designed specifically to meet the energy needs of gamers, allowing them to play longer with more focus and an improved reaction time, and finally providing a healthier and more effective energy drink alternative. What makes Catalyst Mints so special? What does Catalyst offer that you can't find in other products? We wanted to talk about exactly why Catalyst Mints are such a revolutionary product, and what sets us apart from the rest. 


Getting Started with OBS Setup: How to Install and Configure OBS


How to Install and Configure OBS Settings to Start Streaming on Twitch or


OBS and XSplit are the two most popular game streaming and screen capture solutions for Twitch and YouTube. OBS is entirely free, and fairly easy to use. For most of our sponsored gamers, we'd suggest starting with OBS (Open Broadcast Software); if you really need XSplit, it can be added later. OBS is free and can perform almost all functions a streamer would need.


How to Make Game Streaming a Job: Make Money Playing Video Games



How to Make Game Streaming a Job

The modern dream: To play games for a living.

But it's not an easy job, and it's not really just “playing games” for a living. Any kind of content creation – streaming or otherwise – is an intensely involved process that rarely gives breathing room. This is especially true in those early growth phases; don't expect to climb the ranks quickly and rest on your laurels. There's always new content to work on, and if you don't work on it, someone else will.

In this article, we'll talk about how to round the corner from casual streaming to professional game streaming or becoming a “YouTuber.” Before diving into this guide, we'd also suggest reading our “How to Get Sponsored” guide and “Sponsorship Email Templates” article.

Let's look at some aspects of professional game streaming that are often overlooked:


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