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Catalyst Mints Scores Knockout in First Sponsored MMA Event

Catalyst is proud to announce entry into the Mixed Martial Arts and combat community. We recently sponsored a popular MMA fight promotion in Agawam, MA where Catalyst was used by attendees and fighters alike. For fighters looking for the best energy, look no further. Catalyst Mints provides MMA fighters the healthiest and most effective energy source needed for successful training and fights.

Fighters including Jason Showers (who scored a 15 second knockout victory after eating Catalyst Mints), Justin "The Fort" Sumter, and William "The Nightmare" Knight, all endorsed Catalyst Mints while at the most recent MMA event. We are proud to receive their support, and are extremely happy with how our first MMA event went.

Catalyst continues to grow, not only in the gaming community, but in many athletic and niche markets as well. We are excited for 2017 and have some big plans moving forward. Thank you to everyone who has supported Catalyst and purchased from us. We value you all very much, and look forward to growing further. Remember to visit us online at and restock on Catalyst Mints before you run out!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 March 2017 14:13
Written by Catalyst
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