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Build Your Own Heist Crew - You Choose Who Catalyst Sponsors



We have made some big new changes to the Catalyst Vault and the Catalyst sponsorship program. If you are currently sponsored by us, then this is for you:

- Your sponsorship is now much more exclusive. The Catalyst sponsorship program is officially closed to new applications, meaning that your status as a Catalyst sponsored gamer just got even more unique. The sponsorship program is now invite only. This means that you have the power to choose who gets sponsored by Catalyst and who doesn't.

- You can now recruit your own heist crew members who will work for you. When you invite someone to be on your heist crew, you will earn 5% of all of their sales forever. This will not affect what they get paid. Build your team, and show them how to make sales through their referral link. They will earn you money and help you level up.

 - There is a new tab in your sponsorship account called "Heist Crew." This will show you how many invites you have, how many crew members you have working under you, and how much money they have earned for you. It will also contain your sponsorship invite signup link. You send that to the person who you want to be sponsored by Catalyst.

Earning Invites: You can earn more invites by making sales through your sponsorship link. The more sales you make, the more invites you will have. You need at least 1 sale to start building your heist crew.

Recruiting Members: Whoever joins your crew will officially be sponsored by Catalyst Mints. We are tasking you with properly explaining the sponsorship program, how the Vault works, how their referral link works, etc. They will be on your crew, so their success is your success. Invite people who you believe will be able to make sales through their accounts, and who you believe will purchase Catalyst Mints for themselves. You will make money every time they make a sale through their link. This is an extra source of income; you can still make sales directly through your own referral link to get keys and money.

Finding New Members: We recommend starting with friends, and viewers who you feel would like to be a part of the Catalyst sponsorship program, and who want to be on your crew. Still have invites remaining? Use Twitter hashtag #ihaveinvites. We will be turning all applicants away, and telling them to search for this hashtag to find you.

This is a huge change to the way the sponsorship program functions. We believe that making the sponsorship program more exclusive in this way will be much better for you. This is also an additional way to make money from your crew. This extra percentage payment is coming directly from Catalyst. It will not affect your crew members in any way.

We are here if you have any questions about how the new changes work. Go out, build up your crew, and start looting!


Last Updated on Monday, 06 March 2017 21:29
Written by Catalyst
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