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YouTube Alternatives: Twitch Now Supports Full Uploads


Amazon’s Twitch acquisition last year seems to indicate potentially scaling Twitch’s viewership going forward, primarily with regard to moving into the uploads space. The acquisition made sense: Amazon is equipped with some of the world’s largest network infrastructure, and already has a good platform through AWS for file management and user storage.

Going forward, Catalyst suggests that our sponsored gamers begin uploading to both the YouTube and services. This upload splitting (ideally, duplicate content on each service) will help diversify revenue streams and establish channels in multiple locations. Because YouTube and Twitch still appeal to largely different audiences, the overlap is minimal and exposure is high. To get into the beta upload service early does mean greater visibility to users privy to the new archival video platform. As Twitch continues to expand, it is possible that this uploads service begins to offer greater content value and serve as the beginning of a direct competitor to YouTube.

 YouTube alternatives are thin right now. is trying to get off the ground, but has a ways to go yet. Vimeo isn’t suitable for the majority of gaming content (and doesn’t even allow a lot of content types). Twitch is the next largest video platform to YouTube (and Facebook, if you count that), but still has growing pains to get through with its archival services. Still, there’s no doubt that Amazon’s got the means to push growth in this aspect of, and the joint websites carry enough technology to make it happen.

In the very least, running a weekly stream on Twitch would help kick-start growth, while leveraging that stream to direct viewers to YouTube content on a regular basis.

There aren’t really any other major alternatives to YouTube. At least, not any reasonably monetizable ones. Facebook is trying to get into the space, but the audience is a lot more restrictive and the viewership metrics are questionable at times. Monetization isn’t yet mature for Facebook, either, and that means fewer avenues to commercialize content.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 February 2017 13:12
Written by Catalyst
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