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YouTube Changes its Algorithm for Creators


At Catalyst Mints, we’ve noticed that YouTube has been boosting some creators while others fall to the wayside. It’s no secret that YouTube has been finely tuning its video display algorithm, silently shifting video results around based upon the current needs of the website. Lately, there’s been big discussion from YouTube giants – PewDiePie, h3h3, and Jacksepticeye included – about YouTube changes that could be modifying the way videos are presented.

Part of this is from the ongoing, known shift to a minutes watched-based approach to YouTube channel and video rankings, but other, lesser-known changes are also changing search and suggested results. The changes mean that some channels could fall off, while others rise; this is typical of YouTube, and is how channel ‘types’ rise and fall on a somewhat regular basis.

Currently, it would appear to be the case that YouTube is driving higher minutes watched metrics. The goal for YouTube is to increase time on site (likely to increase ads delivered per user, and increase perceived value of ads based upon longer view durations). This is a shift from previously, where the company would almost semi-democratically push videos up to the top.

The YouTube algorithm changes affect all users. These are not miniscule modifications.

To get ahead of the curve and adopt to the YouTube algorithm changes, we’d recommend the creators in our audience begin to look into alternative streaming solutions (like Twitch) or into producing long-form content. The latter seems favored by YouTube, at this moment.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 February 2017 23:22
Written by Catalyst
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