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Using Catalyst Nootropics to Increase Productivity, Focus, and Energy

Catalyst Mints - Siberian Wintergreen - One Pack 2

The modern world doesn’t much allow for a slowdown. Best case, you normally have to work twice as hard just to take a short vacation or break. Nootropics like Catalyst Mints can help sustain a higher productivity, reduce drowsiness at work, and keep focus so that you can get through your day faster.

Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that can help with overall cognitive functioning and memory, and have lately been blowing up as a way to better focus brainpower on the task at hand. Getting work done more efficiently, without all those little breaks for reddit, means getting home sooner and having more time to unwind. Unfortunately, many nootropics are not safe, contain strange research chemicals, and are made in unregulated locations. Catalyst Mints are the only nootropic that is made in the United States in an FDA registered facility from natural and healthy vitamins, adaptogens, amino acids, and stimulants.

 Catalyst Mints aren’t just for gamers – college students, professionals, and athletes all use Catalyst Mints to help them get through their day. With our unique blend of vitamins and herbs (like Siberian Eleuthero root), we are able to help keep people focused and awake when they need some extra help. Best of all, we do it without relying on the tremendous amounts of sugar and simple carbohydrates that energy drinks do. For this reason alone, Catalyst Mints are significantly healthier than what you’d get from an energy drink, and far more effective. A single tin of mints has about the equivalent energy to a set of 7 energy drinks (which would be about double the price, too). Each mint contains caffeine and taurine for energy, B-vitamins for increased blood-flow and cognitive enhancement, and Siberian Eleuthero root for memory retention, focus, and many other adaptogen benefits. Siberian Eleuthero root also helps prolong the effects of Catalyst Mints, and removes the crash and jitters that are felt from an energy drink high.

You should try Catalyst Mints if you have experienced any of the following:

Trouble focusing at work

Difficulty staying awake during long shifts

Difficulty focusing at school or when studying

Short attention span during school and work

Additionally, Catalyst is perfect if you are always tired from working multiple jobs, or have a need to prevent jet lag when traveling across time zones.

You can try our mints risk free. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Purchase our nootropic energy mints today, and experience how Catalyst Mints can improve your cognitive abilities and enhance your productivity.

Last Updated on Friday, 17 February 2017 02:38
Written by Catalyst
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