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Massive Catalyst Mints Giveaway: Now Through January 31st, 2017



Catalyst Mints Joins Forces with GAMDIAS for Massive Giveaway

Catalyst Mints is excited to announce a massive social media giveaway involving gaming accessories company, GAMDIAS. There will be 10 winners selected, and there are numerous easy ways to enter. This giveaway will end January 31st, so act now to get entered for some amazing free gaming prizes. 1st place wins an Omega Case of Catalyst Mints, equivalent to 175 energy drinks, along with a mechanical keyboard and other free gaming accessories! You can find all of our entry methods at the link below:

What makes Catalyst Mints better than energy drinks?
Our mints are kosher, gluten free, vegan, and made in allergen free facilities. They have 0g of sugar, 0 calories, and no added dyes or food colorings. Catalyst Mints are a much healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks, energy shots, and energy powders. Our FDA registered facility formulates, mixes, and presses Catalyst mints right here in the United States.

Catalyst Mints contain a unique energy blend that is unrivaled. Loaded with B-vitamins, infused with caffeine, and supercharged with taurine, our mints pack a serious punch. Each mint is also enhanced with Siberian Eleuthero root, an adaptogen that takes the edge off of caffeine, eliminating crashes and jitters, and creating a truly unique experience that converts pure energy into precision focus.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 26 January 2017 14:50
Written by Catalyst
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