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The More Affordable, Effective, Portable, Healthier Alternative to Energy Drinks

Dubbed the 'Energy Drink Killer,' Catalyst Mints are the world's first energy mint designed specifically to meet the energy needs of gamers, allowing them to play longer with more focus and an improved reaction time, and finally providing a healthier and more effective energy drink alternative. What makes Catalyst Mints so special? What does Catalyst offer that you can't find in other products? We wanted to talk about exactly why Catalyst Mints are such a revolutionary product, and what sets us apart from the rest. 


Gamers are no stranger to caffeine and energy products, always looking for the best ways to safely stay energized and alert for hours of gaming. There are tons of energy drinks and other products that provide energy, but we saw that the market lacked an effective answer tailored for these demands. We crafted Catalyst Mints to answer this demand, offering not just energy, but focus, improved reaction time, memory retention, portability, and ease of use. While gamers previously had to keep dozens of cans on hand or take the time to mix up powdered drinks like G Fuel, Catalyst Mints offers an easy alternative. Each mint is packed with one-third of the caffeine of a standard energy drink, along with tons of B-vitamins and Taurine, and balanced out by our signature Siberian Eleuthero root. This makes Catalyst the best choice for fast, healthy, and effective gaming energy and precision focus.

Catalyst Mints are a great alternative to products like Red Bull, Gatorade, and G Fuel simply for the portability alone, but we also improve on other aspects such as healthiness, effectiveness, and affordability. A single tin of Catalyst fits easily in your pocket or bag, and contains the power of 7 standard energy drinks. Simply pop a mint and keep gaming without concern for bulky drinks, possible spills, or needing to break your focus. Also, since Catalyst Mints are not liquid, this means fewer "bio breaks", as they say in some gaming communities. Catalyst Mints not only give you the energy boost you need, but also removes many of the distractions associated with other consumables. 

The proprietary energy blend developed for Catalyst Mints was carefully crafted for maximum efficiency while eliminating excess products and ingredients that bog down other energy consumables. Catalyst Mints have zero sugar and zero calories, meaning they're a great alternative to Red Bull or Monster. They require no mixing or preparation, elevating them over products like G-Fuel and other "mix-and-drink" items. We packed our energy formula with a finely balanced blend of everything you need to power your gaming, training, or competitions, and nothing you don't. 

If this has never been made before, you may wonder if Catalyst Mints are safe. The answer is absolutely; not only are Catalyst Mints safe, but they are a much healthier alternative to energy drinks. Our products are formulated, pressed, and packaged here in the United States in FDA registered facilities. Years of experience and knowledge went into crafting our energy blend, and all details of our ingredients and nutrition facts are on the package. Catalyst Mints are kosher, vegan, gluten-free, packed with vitamins and enhanced with the adaptogen Siberian Eleuthero root. Adaptogens enhance cognitive ability, and the inclusion of Siberian Eleuthero root means that you're not just getting an energy boost, but a balanced focus without crashes that you can't find anywhere else.

We're proud to say that Catalyst Mints are changing the gaming energy market, and the results speak for themselves. The public response has been overwhelmingly positive; ask anyone who has tried Catalyst and they will tell you that our unique energy blend powers your gaming sessions like nothing else. So whether you're training for your ladder grind in DotA2 or League of Legends, staying focused all night building your Overwatch rank, or training to grow your eSports career, Catalyst Mints are the right tool to keep on hand at all times so you never get tired from gaming ever again.

Last Updated on Friday, 18 November 2016 11:22
Written by Catalyst
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