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Empire Arcadia Sets New Record for Tetris Ultimate Wins in 24 Hours

Legendary eSports team Empire Arcadia has set another record to go alongside their long list of accolades. Isaiah "Triforce" Johnson has set another world first, beating Tetribot 614 times in an incredible 24-hour stream of Tetris Ultimate. Empire Arcadia and 8-Way Run have recorded the entire endeavor which can be found on YouTube.


Catalyst Mints are proud to support Triforce and his incredible team of pro gamers with Empire Arcadia, and we want to congratulate him on another incredible record. EMP is officially listed in the 2017 Book of Guinness World Records as the #1 winning eSports team; Catalyst Mints also power their long marathon gaming tournaments, events, and marathons. Triforce himself had this to say about Catalyst:

"Although I played for 24 hours, I actually was up for 29 hours of the event and then 41 hours total because I had to stop by Sirius XM eSports for a interview for the event. I got home and got 12 hours of sleep. Despite being physically tired, Catalyst Mints gave me the energy to get through almost two days of work. If you needed proof the mints work, my Guinness World Record will testify on my behalf."

This is just the latest endeavor of EMP to meet success, as they have done great work in trailblazing professional gaming for years, especially within the fighting game community. Triforce has also dedicated incredible time and effort in the global eSports expansion, bringing gaming all over the world including areas like Jamaica and future plans in Africa. We want to thank Triforce and Empire Arcadia for their incredible support and for continuing to be a great force in the gaming community at large.

Last Updated on Monday, 09 January 2017 12:08
Written by Catalyst
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