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The #CatalystVault is Officially Live

Catalyst Vault 06

We recently released a sneak peek at one of the biggest endeavors we've ever taken on to give even more to our sponsored gamers, and we're proud to say that this incredible new project is ready! The Catalyst Vault is an interactive new way for sponsored gamers to gain additional perks, prizes and rewards with their sponsorship account simply by logging in and being an awesome part of the Catalyst Masterminds.

The Catalyst Vault holds tons of prizes awaiting your discovery. From free merchandise, raffle tickets, and social media shoutouts to game keys and additional earnings, the loot contained within is in your reach. There are several ways to earn keys to the Catalyst Vault, each one unlocking a different set of possible prizes. You can earn these keys by simply accessing your sponsorship account daily, or by making sales and leveling up your account. This is in addition to the already incredible rewards system in place for our sponsored gamers, so now you're getting even more than ever before.

The Safe House is where you can admire all the loot gained from your Vault heists. Every prize you earn by using a key to unlock the Vault door will be available to view here. This is also where you can view your raffle tickets for ongoing giveaways, and simply click them to view current giveaways and past giveaways you have won. Be sure to log into your account daily to earn new keys, and start filling up your Safe House!

We've got tons of awesome loot in the Vault for its release, and this will only be growing as more people participate. We've hidden away some great gems in there, and we think the initial heists are going to be incredible. Looking for some Catalyst Mints? How about a Steam key for a new game to play? Earn your keys and crack the Catalyst Vault!

We would also like to give a big thanks to the following companies for providing us with some of the many prizes within the Vault:

Black Shell Media
The Tribe Game
Green Man Gaming
Gamer's Outlet

If you would like to provide prizes for us to distribute in our Vault, please contact us and let us know.

We're proud to launch this incredible new feature as a thank you to all of our sponsored gamers. We owe the success of this revolutionary new energy product to you, and we've got even more great plans in the works. Until next time...

Feel the pulse.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 November 2016 13:54
Written by Catalyst
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