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OSD and the MilSpec Stream Team will be at GEXCon 2016


As mentioned in our previous entry in our Gaming News blog, Operation Supply Drop works to provide gaming gear to members of our armed services to ensure they receive entertainment while serving our country. We're proud to continue our support of OSD, and they will be present at the upcoming GEXCon in Fredericksburg, Virginia as the official charity of the event.

The Gaming and Entertainment Experience Convention, known as GEXCon, is a two-day event celebrating gaming of all types. Featuring BYOC LAN events, competitions and tournaments, tabletop gaming, and CCG competitions including Magic: The Gathering, GEXCon has something for gamers of all types. Operation Supply Drop will be there as a part of the events and to let gamers know about the great work they do in bringing gaming and entertainment to the men and women serving America overseas.

Catalyst will be supporting OSD at GEXCon, so be sure to stop by if you're in Fredericksburg on July 23-24! The Mil-Spec Stream Team members XMTGgamerX and MrGoatBeard will be representing OSD there, so keep an eye out for them; stop by to say hello and support OSD's ongoing efforts. We're proud to continue working with Operation Supply Drop and the Mil-Spec Stream Team!

Last Updated on Monday, 18 July 2016 19:35
Written by Catalyst
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