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Pokémon GO - Tips, Tricks, and Power Leveling Techniques

Sidewalks, parks, and neighborhoods have been filled with thousands of gamers since last week with the release of Pokémon GO, the new mobile game that allows you to catch the creatures you know and love out in the real world.


Utilizing GPS technology along with augmented reality tech using your cell phone's camera, Pokémon GO allows users to not only find and catch Pokémon out and about, but encourages players to walk around to find items from local PokéStops, capture gyms for their team of choice, and go on their own PokéSafaris with friends. Millions of players of all ages have taken to the streets, sidewalks, parks, and campuses all over the world to build their PokéDex.

Even the Catalyst Mints staff have been caught up in the Poké frenzy, catching these critters here in the Catalyst Mints HQ. We have had many followers ask us how to play Pokémon GO, as well as questions about the fastest way to level and earn EXP. Our experiences have led to a few tips:

1. Incense is important! You receive a few incense upon starting and have a chance to receive more at every level up. Using this item increases the likelihood that you will encounter Pokémon when moving about in the world, so be sure to use it only when you know you will make full use of its 30 minute duration.

2. Don't worry about your Pokéball stash. The game will give you plenty of Pokéballs as you level, and even more as you visit PokéStops, so don't be afraid to use them to catch a Pokémon you already have. That leads to the next tip...

3. You have a limited number of Pokémon you can hold, but you should always be catching more. Even if you are tired of seeing Pidgeys and Ratatas, trading these to the professor will gain you valuable candy for that particular type, needed to power up and evolve your Pokémon. It's going to take over 400 Magikarp candy to get that Gyrados, so get catching!

4. At level 9, you receive a very valuable item called the Lucky Egg. This item is important, as it doubles the experience you receive for 30 minutes. You gain TONS of experience for leveling up and evolving your Pokémon, so save all of your candies and evolutions for when you have your Lucky Egg active to reach the highest levels as quickly as possible. This will allow you to power level within that 30 minutes and finally get huge rewards for all of those Pidgeys and Ratatas you caught earlier.

5. Find PokéStops with lure modules attached. You will notice that some PokéStops are emitting pink particles. Those PokéStops have a lure module attached to them, drawing both in-game Pokémon and other trainers IRL to the location. This is a great opportunity to get similar benefits to an incense without having to use your own items.

pokemon go loadingStay alert with Catalyst during your Pokéhunting!

Got any other tips and tricks from your Poké adventures? Share them below and don't forget your Catalyst Gaming Mints to power your journey to be the very best, like no one ever was!

Last Updated on Monday, 11 July 2016 17:11
Written by Catalyst
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