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How to Get Your Gaming Channel Sponsored

Catalyst Mints is proud to offer a sponsorship program for gamers and gaming channels, but how does sponsorship help you and your gaming career? A gaming sponsorship is a great way to help build your audience as well as monetize the content that you generate. Finding sponsorships and effectively growing your online presence can be difficult and intimidating, but we here at Catalyst Mints hope to demystify some of the jargon and contribute to the gaming community by helping smaller streams and channels reach new heights through sponsorship. We've received a lot of questions regarding gaming sponsorships, and we wanted to address some of the most common inquiries on what companies look for, how to improve your image, how to increase your chances of sponsorship, and how to effectively use your sponsorships once you've got them.

Gaming sponsorships aren't just for huge teams or players, but they certainly are important for gamers of any level of popularity. Sponsorships can help to grow the size of your fanbase and increase your earnings from gaming and content creation. The first thing that you may think when talking about gaming sponsorships for Twitch and YouTube may be that your subscribers or followers aren't high enough to even consider pursuing sponsorship. This is absolutely NOT true! While viewership is important, Catalyst Mints and many other companies that seek out gamers to represent their brand are proud to support smaller channels if they show promise with content, professionalism, and many other factors. First and foremost, make sure that your first impression is a good one. Provide a link to your channel that you are certain will link to your channel's overview, and customize this to succinctly provide the information you wish to convey. Your banner doesn't have to be flashy, but make sure that it does effectively communicate your channel's name, theme, and general aesthetic style in a well-designed manner. Make sure that for YouTube channels, any default videos that play are not loud or jarring, but invite visitors to watch to get an idea of the content that you produce. For Twitch streams, have a theme that communicates the sort of show that you provide for your viewers, and a brief description of the games that you play. Make sure to also describe yourself as a gamer and entertainer.

hnwchannelHusband and Wife Gaming's about section describes everything you need to know about the channel

Professionalism goes a very long way in presenting yourself for sponsorship. While that doesn't mean that your channel or stream has to be 100% clean and family friendly, it does mean that you should be conscious of the content you create and how your channel will be seen by visitors who you want to click that subscribe button. Also, company representatives need a reason to want you to represent their brand. Polish your channel's image so that regardless of the number of subscribers you have, the first impression that anyone will get from your channel or stream is that this is a gamer that knows what they're doing. Companies want to know that the streams and videos you create will be amusing, informative, and worth subscribing to. The best way to do this is to put the time into planning your stream and editing your videos to ensure that your content is engaging and never boring. Put your best creations forward in the public eye as stream highlights and featured videos to give potential sponsors an idea of what to expect their brands to be featured alongside. If you show that you are capable of creating great content regularly that is entertaining, sponsors will be eager to have you feature them, allowing you to grow and monetize your channel or stream.


Once you've got a great idea on your content, the next step is engaging your audience. All companies looking to sponsor gamers, including Catalyst Mints, love to see Twitch streamers that chat with their spectators, gamers that host contests and giveaways for their fans, and overall those that actively work to make themselves part of the gaming community. Building your own community around your content is great, and the first step is to encourage your fans to participate in discussions. Comments and chat are integrated into both Twitch and YouTube, so give people a reason to talk. Ask questions, take requests, make people feel like they're a part, because they are! The reason sponsors want to work with you is to reach your audience, and showing that you engage your audience will add value to your brand.

docstreamDocGotGame's stream is a great example of branding and audience engagement

Last, one of the most important things you can do to make your content and channel stand out is to brand yourself. Create a consistent theme, and sell your channel and content as something people will want to watch. A great example of this is Catalyst sponsored gamer DocGotGame. Doc's channel has a consistent theme that tells you exactly what sort of content you can expect from his stream before you even begin watching. Offering this, along with a regular schedule that is easy to view, and a frequent and entertaining stream has helped him bring his incredible stream to millions of viewers. This certainly is not a comprehensive list that will guarantee your success, but this article is a great start to begin elevating your content to a higher level to earn sponsorships. If you are ready, you can submit an application for sponsorship with Catalyst Mints. Thanks for reading, and good luck!


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