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High-end Gaming Routers for Performance and 4K Streaming

High-end gaming routers for performance and 4k streamings

Reduction in performance can happen at any point in your configuration, and to optimize most people improve hardware components such as processor, GPU, and hard drive.  However, an often overlooked contributor to under-performance is the router, an essential part of your network that can throttle your gaming inputs.  This article discusses a number of great gaming routers with no lag and no latency that create improvements in both gaming and streaming.  Although the best gaming routers are somewhat expensive, they offer buffs that cannot be achieved with internal hardware alone, and are well worth the price for a competitive edge.


NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500

If you’re looking for the best gaming router, the XR500 is definitely a contender.  With its own dual core 1.7GHz processor, this router is designed for eliminating lag spikes and stabilizing ping to smooth out any high-intensity gaming endeavor.  The Nighthawk Pro boasts a number of other valuable features for competitive gaming, such as software that allows you to prioritize traffic in your network and connect you to servers and players that are geographically near your location.  This router comes with four Ethernet ports capable of gigabit speeds, but also provides wireless internet that allows for insane speeds up to 2.6Gbps, making it an excellent gaming wireless router as well. 



ASUS GT-AC5300 Gaming Router

The AC5300 excels both as a router for HD gaming and as a router for VR.  Similar to the Nighthawk, this router has a quad-core processor with an impressive 1.8GHz potential that optimizes network data and pushes incredible speeds needed for high intensity virtual reality gaming.  Uniquely, the AC5300 is also one of the best VPN routers, allowing for both VPN and regular internet connections simultaneously.  Combined with excellent network security software and an awesome design, the GT-AC5300 is an extraordinary 8 port gaming router that can handle virtually any gaming situation.


D-Link EXO AC2600

For those only interested in wireless gaming routers, the EXO AC2600  is a great option.  With four high quality antennas, the awesome speeds and Wi-Fi capabilities makes this piece of hardware an excellent wireless router for 4K streaming in addition to gaming.  This long-range gaming router also has an impressive array of software functions that maximizes speeds for multiple devices, tracks connections for optimization, and extends the Wi-Fi signal significantly further than traditional wireless routers.   Less expensive than the other options on this list, this router is an excellent cheap gaming router to improve your network efficiency.


Regardless of your PC hardware, online games and streaming video can still fall victim to lag spikes and stuttering if the data intensity is too extreme for your router.  These high-end routers smooth out your online experience, elevating your network to match the robust power of your other components while enabling your computer to unleash its maximum potential. 

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 December 2018 19:47
Written by Eddy D.
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